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2 shows that defined 'old' KTN Home

KTN Home relaunched on June 30

New KTN Home logo [Photo: KTN Home Twitter]

Kenya Television Network (KTN Home) relaunched various programs and revamped the overall look of the channel, signaling a fresh start after losing top journalists to their rivals in the media industry.

KTN, eager to captivate viewers' attention, initially shared a poster stating that there would be a little change and more fun, inviting people to participate in their relaunch.

"Dear viewers, KTN Home has been embedded in your hearts and minds in your homes for a long time.


"Today, we seek to renew our commitment to provide quality homely entertainment in all your spaces. This evening we unveil a brand new experience for you on KTN Home," read part of the statement.

Even as the media house relaunched, there are shows that defined KTN Home and they received wide viewership all over the country.

'Junior' was more of a home chronicles series, similar to 'Machachari' on Citizen TV, with the main focus on the character Junior.

Living with their grandmother and parents sometimes, Junior was a cheeky character who often teamed up with his siblings to engage in mischievous activities.



The show reached its prime in 2020, and after gracing the screens for a while, the actors ventured into different projects and opportunities.

Most Kenyans will undoubtedly mention DJ Shiti when you mention the program 'The Real Househelps of Kawangware'.


The program revolves around a group of friends who work as domestic helpers, highlighting the everyday challenges they face after migrating from the village to seek employment and make a living in the city.

Comedian Njugush, DJ Shiti, and Awiti were prominent figures on the show, with Njugush eventually departing.

Nevertheless, the show continued to attract viewers, particularly due to the captivating dramas that unfolded in each episode.


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