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Watch: Drama unfolds on 'Hello Mr Right' as contestant with 4 baby mamas seeks the 5th

Reality TV show 'Hello Mr. Right' takes an unexpected twist as a contestant reveals he has four baby mamas and is on the hunt for the fifth.

Hello Mr Right episode on October 28 ( Female contestant Gazelle questioning a man why he came to the show when he has 4 baby mamas already)

Reality dating shows are known for their drama and unexpected twists, but the latest episode of 'Hello Mr. Right', took things to a whole new level.

Hosted by Dr. Ofweneke and Diana Marua, on Startimes Rembo TV, this popular show features a format where numerous men introduce themselves to a group of women in the hope of finding a romantic connection.

However, the episode on Saturday, October 28, featured a man who brought an unusual twist to the show.


In the episode, a male contestant joined the lineup in search of his perfect match. However, what immediately captured the attention of the female participants was the revelation that he had four children with different mothers.

This disclosure raised eyebrows, as the contestants questioned his intentions and suitability as a potential partner.

The contestant did not shy away from sharing his unique situation, stating that he preferred bad girls because previous relationships with innocent women had not worked out for him.


His candid admission of having four children by different women puzzled and intrigued the ladies.

One of the contestants, Gazelle, wasted no time in addressing the contestant's unconventional family situation.

She raised pertinent questions and expressed her concerns about his intentions and suitability as a partner:


"Niko na swali, kwa nini uko hapa? Wanaume mnakuwa hivo. Kwa nini huwezi kuenda kutafuta hao wanne ambao ulizaa nao uchukue mmoja mwenye anaweza fit kuishi nawe? Nani atakukubali hapa?

"Unajua how it feels mwanamke akikuzalia alafu unaenda unaleta mwanamke mwingine, hadi wanne? You are a bad boy. Ndio maana umesema unataka bad girl. Wacha nikuulize, utakubali bad girl mwenye yuko na watoto wanne pia?" she questioned.

Her comments were met with support from other female participants, who also expressed their doubts about the contestant's sincerity and suitability for a serious relationship.


The contestant attempted to defend himself, explaining that all his previous relationships had ended, and his children's mothers had moved on to lead happy lives.

He emphasized that he joined the show because he was currently single and genuinely looking for a partner.

Getrude Mungai referred to as mum on the show, did not mince her words when confronting the man. She expressed her disapproval of his cavalier attitude and had some pointed questions for him.


Mungai addressed the contestant's preference for a bad girl and his history of fathering children with different women.

She challenged him by asking if he would accept a bad girl with four children. Her direct question put the contestant in the hot seat, asking for a simple yes or no answer.

Mungai further questioned his decision-making, particularly his willingness to engage in multiple relationships. She suggested that perhaps he was more inclined to hop from one relationship to another.

"Ningependa sana kama angeweza kumjibu Gazelle, akipata huyo bad girl mwenye watoto wanne utamkubali? Jibu swali yes ama no. Wasema uko na company, you are a smart guy. You could not have been fooled four times. I disagree.

"Labda the first time chali yangu nakubali, maybe the second time kama vile ulielezea, alijipeleka akajirudisha mwenyewe. Third and the fourth? It doesn't make any sense. Mimi naona kama wewe ni wa kuruka huku na huku," she said.


This segment of the show stirred up intense emotions and debates among viewers, highlighting the complexity of modern dating and relationship dynamics.


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