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Gathoni Mutua: 'Single Kiasi' actor who earned Sh1000 for clapping role in Hollywood

Gathoni Mutua is an actor, director, and live events producer, popular for portraying the character Sintamei in the Showmax drama series 'Single Kiasi': She was also featured in 'Lucifer' & 'Murder In The First', a Hollywood series.

Single Kiasi actor Gathoni Mutua 'Sintamei'

Gathoni Mutua is an actor, director, and live events producer, popular for portraying the character Sintamei in the Showmax original drama series 'Single Kiasi'.

Raised in Ivory Coast by missionary parents, Gathoni was immersed in various cultures and languages from a young age.

With a family deeply rooted in the arts, she naturally found herself drawn to creative pursuits.

Despite her parents' worries about the practicality of pursuing an artistic career, Gathoni's passion for music, acting, and performing only grew stronger over time.


Gathoni attended the United States International University (USIU) to study International Relations.

However, her path took an unexpected turn after a year when she received a scholarship to study music in Canada, igniting her passion for the arts.

Following her studies in Canada, she seized another opportunity to pursue theater films at Azusa Pacific University in California, USA, where she honed her craft.


In 2014, she completed her studies and embarked on her acting journey, landing a role in the Christian film 'Woodlawn,' a sports drama that marked her first experience on a professional set.

Her role as the cast extras coordinator tasked her with managing a staggering 2,000 extras in a single night, an intense yet fulfilling experience that solidified her passion for the craft.

With the competitive nature of the industry, Gathoni faced challenges finding work amidst a sea of talented individuals vying for the same roles.


To sustain herself, she took on paid audience member jobs, often serving as a clapper during recording sessions.

While the job was physically demanding, requiring her to clap continuously throughout shows with minimal breaks, it provided invaluable insights into the inner workings of production sets and paid her Sh1000 every day.

In addition to her clapper duties, she seized opportunities to appear as an extra in acclaimed series such as 'Lucifer' and 'Murder In The First,' further honing her skills and expanding her industry knowledge.

Just as Gathoni was beginning to secure acting and assistant directing opportunities, her visa expired, forcing her to return to Kenya in 2015.


Upon returning to Kenya, Gathoni faced the harsh reality of the competitive entertainment industry.

Despite her experience abroad, she encountered difficulties securing acting roles due to her preference for local experience. Undeterred, she got into teaching theater, wrote a musical, and patiently waited for her next opportunity.

Gathoni's perseverance paid off when she landed a lead role in the Kenyan drama series 'This is Life' in 2018.


The success of the show propelled her career forward, leading to subsequent lead roles in acclaimed productions such as Showmax's drama series 'Single Kiasi."

Directed by the renowned duo Grace Kahaki and Philippe Bresson, 'Single Kiasi' showcases Gathoni's versatility as she embodies the complex character of Sintamei, navigating the challenges of marriage, relationships, and career in Nairobi.

Beyond her accomplishments as an actress, Gathoni embraces a multi-hyphenate approach to her career.


With a diverse skill set encompassing singing, voiceovers, writing, directing, and acting lessons, she has built a strong foundation for success in the competitive Kenyan market.

While many of her fans are eager to learn about her personal life, including details about her husband and children, Gathoni has managed to maintain privacy regarding her love life and family matters.

When asked about her offscreen life, including whether she has managed to find a partner as opposed to her character Sintamei, Gathoni responded that she would share such information with her followers on her social media handles.


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