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'Single Kiasi' cast discuss how actors de-role after playing a character [Video]

'Single Kiasi' cast members - Minne Kariuki and Faith Kibathi - explain a professional acting technique known as de-roling.

'Single Kiasi' cast members Minne Kariuki and Faith Kibathi on the Pulse Let's Talk set with presenter Muthoni Irungu on February 22, 2024

Watching actors portray different characters on film, one has to wonder, where does the screen persona end and their own personality begin? And do they ever blur the lines between the characters and themselves?

'Single Kiasi' cast members Minne Kariuki and Faith Kibathi, while appearing on Pulse Let's Talk, shed some light on how actors use the professional acting technique known as 'de-roling'.

"It is advisable for every actor to always de-role," Faith who plays Rebecca on 'Single Kiasi' emphasised, adding: "To de-role means... first of all you have to get into character. As Faith, I'm introduced to the character Rebecca, she does this, walks like this, talks like this... so I have to channel being her [Rebecca]. And once we've stopped shooting I have to stop being her and return to being me."


Faith cautioned that the de-roling technique is crucial for an actor because there are motivations an on-screen character may embody that are not necessarily those of the actor in real life.

"There are choices Rebecca would make that I, Faith, wouldn't make so it's important to de-role, to get out of it [the character]," the 'Cheque Mate' actor reiterated.

Having just recently announced to her fans that she is expecting, Minne made her first media appearance on Pulse ahead of the kick-off to Season 3 of 'Single Kiasi' on March 5, 2024.


On the subject of de-roling, Minne discussed her role on Showmax reality show 'Real Housewives of Nairobi', grateful that 'Single Kiasi' showrunners allowed her the time to switch between the two characters.

"On RHON I'm Minne the wife, mom, businesswoman and actor, and it's different from Single Kiasi.

"All I need is two or three weeks to de-role. Because, for instance, on Season 3 [of Single Kiasi] Mariah goes through a load of things so I really needed some time and I thank God because my producers on Single Kiasi gave me that time to de-role so I could do my thing on the other side. You need time to de-role," she explained.


According to the 'Single Kiasi' leading ladies, there are a few ways actors can ensure they de-role from one character to the next.

  1. Changing the environment. For example by taking a vacation away from home or where the film was being shot.
  2. Spending time on passion projects or hobbies. For example, going skating or a part-time sport.
  3. Taking time to be with family and the ones you love, people who can put you in touch with who you really are.
  4. Reducing the noise. Minne noted: "Acting can take a toll on you. You're carrying a lot of energy on set and you could take that energy home if you don't take time to de-role. You don't need all that noise, you need quiet so that you reconnect with who you are."

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