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Music industry is demonic – Vanessa Mdee, Prezzo on joining Mungiki and other top stories


Music industry is demonic – Vanessa Mdee, Prezzo on joining Mungiki and other top stories

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Prezzo talks about depression and joining Mungiki


Veteran Rapper Jackson Makini Ng’echu aka Prezzo has shared a little known details about his life, disclosing that there is a time he was depressed and forced to stay indoors for a whole year and later on joined Mungiki under the leadership of Maina Njenga.

Speaking to CTA, CMB Prezzo said that after his wedding with Daisy (Mama Zari) in 2008, he had tough choices to make because his then wife loved Nge’chu but hated Prezzo.

He further explained that, a few years into the marriage he had to choose music over his wife and moved out, but his life started moving downhill, as he slowly fell into depression.

At that time Daisy Mama Zari, loved Ng’echu but hated Prezzo and wanted me to stop doing music and probably be an accountant or a teacher somewhere, a carpenter…anything but not music. And I was like I spent so much time building this brand and I’m not gonna just leave it like that. So from that point on wards, I left them with that Mansion that I was living in and I took another penthouse. So for also most a year I lost myself. For one year, I used to have my bodyguard bringing me food, bringing me whatever I need in the house, I never left the house for a whole year. I was like I was in a house arrest and slowly getting into depression,” says Prezzo.

A year later, Prezzo got an invite to meet with Maina Njenga and given a chance to join Mungiki as Youth leader and he said yes to the offer.


So we went to Karen and Maina Njenga had this movement and he needed me to be like Youth leader of the Mungikis and who am I to say No. So he gave me responsibilities and I was in the whole Nine years,” posed Prezzo.

DJ Evolve discharged from Hospital

A video believed to be that of Felix Orinda aka DJ Evolve being discharged from Hospital has surfaced online.

A one minute clip that was first shared on Instagram by a local blog, showed Evolve lying on a bed inside an Ambulance ready to be taken home.


Reports said that Evolve will continue recuperating at home, despite the fact that he is still unable to walk on his own.

Currently, he is able to talk but in low tones and the Hospital also provided him with an adjustable bed to aid him in his recovery journey while at Home.

This comes a few days after DJ Evolve’s employer B-club sought to clarify that the Disk Jockey was still admitted in hospital, after their Instagram post caused confusion, leading to a number of publications to report that he had been discharged.

B-Club explained that their post was meant to keep Evolves career relevant and remind his fans that he is still fighting on.

Hello Please DJ Evolve is still in Hospital. Our Post was to Re-introduce DJ evolve and keep his career relevant to others, so that his fans don’t forget him. Thank You,” read the message.


The DJ was hospitalized early this year after he was allegedly shot by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.

Mama Dangote explains herself after referring to Tanasha’s son as “Kichwa Kikubwa”

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz’s mother Mama Dangote was forced to explain herself after referring to Diamond and Tanasha Donna’s son Naseeb Junior as Kichwa Kikubwa.

Mama Dangote made the remarks after her daughter Esma Platnumz shared Junior’s photo which she captioned with words saying that she misses him.


I miss you Tom Kaka 😘😍,” wrote Esma, to which Mama Dangote responded with the words, “KICHWA KIKUBWA.

Her words did not settle well with some of her followers who felt she was abusing an innocent kid because of differences she has with the mother (Tanasha Donna).

@mama_dangote Jamani mbona umtusi kichwa kubwa ata kama umekosa na mamake💔💔😭😭Dunia Ina maneno dah ata kama nikumfurahisha Zari hii sio vizuri😢Mungu amlinde huyu Malaika jamani,” said a fan called Khaltuma.

Mama Dangote then responded explaining that she is used to calling Naseeb Junior by that name (Kichwa Kikubwa) and that it’s a name she used to call his father (Diamond Platnumz) when he was a kid, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

@khaltuma12 jamani mbona mnaumia kumwita kichwa kikubwa ndio tushazowea kumwita hivyo toka udogo wake ndio maana tuna mwita Tom kaka mdogo kwa sababu ya baba yake pia alivyokuwa mdogo tulikuwa tuna mwita hivyo ndio nayy nimezowe kumwita kichwa kikubwa binadam hamuishi vyakujadili mm Bibi yake nishazowe kumwita hivyo,” explained Mama Dangote.


The music industry is demonic – Vanessa Mdee

Atlanta based Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee disclosed that she is on a new journey to rediscover herself and fans will not be hearing from her musically anytime soon.

In a 29 minutes talk on her on Podcast "Deep Dive with Vanessa Mdee", the singer explained that she made the decision to leave the music industry because it’s very demonic.

Vee Money further stated that she is on a mission to be an advocate for honesty, beauty and what facing your demons can do for you.


I don’t know who needs to hear this, but my mission is to be a light. I know that I would probably disappoint a few people and that’s Okay, I know that my fans don’t wanna hear this but guess what am never be too far away from you, trust me. The reason why I had to leave the industry is because I needed to choose my life, the music industry is demonic. People will tell you half-truth about what really goes on, and the truth is I just wanna be an advocate for honesty and beauty and being a sincere advocate for what facing your demons can do for you. Now my fans are probably asking themselves right now; Are you gonna never sing again? Are we gonna never see you perform? Let me reiterate, I love music, I love to create, I love to perform, I’m a vessel, this is what I was brought on earth to be, but maybe I was a vessel to be here in this moment to have gone through everything that I have gone through so that I can tell you most honestly the truth about things you will never somewhere else,” said Vanessa Mdee.

Ms. Mdee disclosed that there was a time she was depressed, a state that drove her into becoming an alcoholic, and she could drink herself to sleep every other time.

Anerlisa Muigai talks about the most challenging part of her relationship with Ben Pol

Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigai has disclosed that the most challenging part about her relationship with Ben Pol is the pressure to always ensure her body is fit and in good shape.


Ms Muigai made the revelation via her Insta-stories, while flaunting her curves in a tight-body hugging dress.

The challenging part about dating an artist, is that you have to keep your body fit all the time,” wrote Anerlisa Muigai.

In April the Nero CEO shared struggles she went through back in the days, before she decided to hit the gym to shade off some Kgs.

In an interactive session with her fans, one of them wanted to know if people treated her differently before and after her weight loss journey.

Do people treat you different than before you lost weight in terms of respect?” asked a fan.


Ms Mugai responded saying, “Ooh Yes, when I was big people used to stare at me .. I got to the point I was thinking they can probably see what I just ate. I used to enter a cloth store and get a ‘Sorry we don’t have clothes your size here” as in the 4 years I have taken to loose weight were the toughest years but definitely worth it. Now people stare in admiration which is not a bad thing but can get uncomfortable.”


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