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'Athuri' singer thrills passengers with Akorino gospel in London train [WATCH]

Martha Wa Mau's tour of London leads to a song performance aboard a train.

Akorino Gospel singer Martha wa Mau in London

Akorino Gospel singer Martha Wa Mau has made waves during her meet-and-greet tour in London, United Kingdom.

Martha, who was hosted by Kenyans in the UK, went a step further by taking her music to the streets, using her talent to connect with people in a unique way.

The 'Athuri' singer proudly donned her Akorino attire shared her faith in a country where many may not be familiar with her.

In videos shared on Facebook by Jeremy Damaris, the Akorino singer can be seen passionately singing on a train, her voice resounding through the compartments.


The videos were captioned: "Sasa Akorino kujieni huyu mtumishi ameanza kuhibiri kwa train."

Martha also toured different places in the city of London including a stopover at Buckingham Palace and performed on stage at a few gatherings.

Responding to the video, many expressed admiration for her courage and praised her for taking the message of faith to the diaspora in a bold and innovative manner.


The comments section was filled with words of encouragement and appreciation for her distinctive approach to ministry.

Cate Sam Go go go go mtumishi… you are my favourite...May the Lord God continue lifting her Higher and HigherNa pia wewe Jeremy Damaris uzidi kuinuliwa

Perry Ma Abby Wow....the great commission...preach on sister...when the gospel has gone to all the ends of the earth,then the END will come....more grace Minster Martha.

Mike Muchene Martha you have a very beautiful vocal . May our good Lord continue blessings you and your family.


Catherine Wangare Martha go goo gal we are proud of you...huyo mzungu hapo na Gazette haelewi

Sarah Make Stevoh Wow wow she is blessed indeed may the glory of God be higher and higher Amen

Jackline Mawamba Thank u Martha 4 standing For God u ar a servant of God stay strong


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