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Nyashinski serenades wife with 'Perfect Design' & 5 other new hits of the week

PulseHot&Fresh: Here is a list of top 6 songs released this week


This week brings a fresh wave of tunes that are set to make your playlist pulse with rhythm and energy.

From soulful melodies to catchy anthems, the region's musical landscape is alive with new releases that are sure to capture your ears and keep you dancing all week long.

Here is a list of the top 6 must-hear tracks released this week


Music sensation Nyashinski has once again captivated his fans with his latest release, 'Perfect Design,' a heartfelt ode to love and commitment.

What makes this song even more special is the presence of his wife, Zia Bett, in the accompanying music video, where their love story unfolds in intimate embraces.

The lyrics of the song paint a vivid picture of Nyashinski's deep affection for his wife.


Kenyan rap icon and entrepreneur Kennedy Ombima, better known by his stage name King Kaka, has released a new track titled 'Leo,' a Swahili term meaning today.

King Kaka’s new jam featuring Prezzo and Pascal Tokodi, reflects the ongoing evolution of the Kenyan music scene, highlighting how different artists can come together to create something truly memorable.

For fans of King Kaka and lovers of African rap and R&B, the song is a testament to the rich, diverse sounds that define contemporary Kenyan music.


Kenyan pop icon Bien, a great musician, and a vital part of the adored all-boy group Sauti Sol just released an explosive masterpiece 'Ma Cherie.'

The track is a melodious blend that beautifully marries contemporary pop with rich African rhythms.

Kenyan gospel recording artist, dancer, and songwriter known for his successful hit 'Odi Dance,' Timeless Noel, has released a new single titled 'Beba' featuring fellow gispel industry heavyweights Didiman and Jabidii.


The song is a call to those who have not yet hoped onto the heaven train to hurry and do so before it departs.

Kenyan gospel singer and wife to singer Mr Seed, Nimo presents 'Mwachie,' a melody woven with faith, serenity, and the utmost gratitude that invites us to release our worries, no matter how small, and place them in the hands of the Lord.

It's a reminder of the incredible peace and guidance we find when we trust in God and also a heartfelt way of offering praise to the one who leads our way.


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