Nana Gecaga opens up on rare disease she battled while growing up

She opened up on her birthday

Nana Gecaga opens up on rare disease she battled while growing up

Kenyatta International Convection Center (KICC) CEO Nana Wanjiku Gecaga has for the first time disclosed details of a learning disorder she battled while growing up.

Ms Gecaga whose post was a message for her 42nd birthday said that she was born a premature baby and her mother knew she was going to be a fighter.

She went on to reveal that growing up, she always completed her tests last because she suffered from dyslexia a disease that affects areas of the brain that process language.

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words.

The KICC boss in her seemingly emotional post, talked about how her family showed her love and care, and the many other qualities that make her outstanding that she has learnt along the way.

Here is her post;

42 years ago A Queen was born and no one not even her knew where her life would take her. From being born months prematurely her mother new knew she would be a fighter and saviour. Despite being the last one to finish tests because of her dyslexia she continued and was always taught NEVER to give up by her father. From being taught at an early age the importance of siblings and how they will never leave your side no matter what. Her attribute of loyalty was learnt from her brother and sister. The meaning of strength and unity came from her family always standing together and united as one and always being there for her. The laughter and smile she has come to be known for comes from the people who she calls friends and whom she has shared many a great and memorable moment with through her 42 years. She taught herself courage, happiness and hardships by overcoming many hurdles in her life and still standing to talk about it TODAY. The meaning of love and to be loved was learnt through giving birth to her THREE AMAZING boys. And the love they give back to her every day is what makes her remain focused and grounded. And finally the meaning of purpose has been taught by all those who follow me and keep telling me what a great job I’m doing and believe no matter how small or big it may be I’m here to make a positive change. Tonight as I turn the page on a new year I want to take this time to say THANK YOU to every person who has had a meaningful impact on my life. SO YES A QUEEN WAS BORN AND HERE SHE SITS READY TO CONTINUE HER JOURNEY SHE CALLS LIFE. I AM ME... I AM NANA


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