Brands stopped working with me – Natalie Tewa opens up on life after nasty break-up with Rnaze

People on social media were extremely nasty- Tewa

Brands stopped working with me – Natalie Tewa opens up on life after nasty break-up with Rnaze

YouTuber Natalie Tewa has opened up on life after her nasty break-up with ex-boyfriend Rnaze.

In a video seen by Pulse Live, Tewa who was going through her highs and lows of 2019 said that her career was so much attached to her previous relationship, which was at its lowest and this really affected her.

She noted that walking out of the relationship is something she had thought about for a longtime and after the break-up, brands stopped working with her.

According to her, this was because there was a lot of publicity around the break-up and internet users were saying many bad things about her, which brands did not want to be associated with.

Brands stopped working with me because there was so much publicity and so much weird stuff around my name and people on social media were being extremely nasty. I had just moved house I was in a new environment I was so confused… I traveled to Nanyuki to like get my head out of things but deep inside I was so confused and I didn’t know what to do and at that point I felt like mental health was doing terribly I don’t know why I didn’t seek professional help but I just worked through things myself,” said Ms Tewa.

Natalie Tewa mentioned that a trip to Dubai came and this really helped her heal from her situation at the time.

She however, noted that despite the bad start of 2019, she learnt a lot of lessons and had many wins after the dust settled.

Honestly what the hell was that? But it was a year of learning so much I literally made the most money, I also was the brokest I’ve ever been. I cried the most, laughed the most, loved the most, I hated the most. I fell out of love with my passion, fell back in love with my passion. It was just so much up and down,” added Tewa.

Tewa-Rnaze break-up

Natalie Tewa and her Ugandan ex-boyfriend Moses Mukiibi aka Rnaze broke up after three years of dating.

Rnaze went public after dramatic videos of their breakup surfaced online and claimed that Ms Tewa cheated on her several times.

Tewa on the other hand accused Rnaze of being physically abusive in the relationship, before they made peace after the intervention of Vera Sidika.

They later issued a public apology but said that they would not get back together.


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