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Negative publicity is extremely good publicity- Babu Owino as Netizens call for #JusticeforDJEvolve

Netizens are calling for #JusticeforDJEvolve

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has indirectly hit back at those pushing the hashtag #JusticeforDJEvolve on Twitter.

Owino put out a tweet, stating that in politics negative publicity is extremely good publicity, hinting that what was being propelled about him was just publicity.

“In politics publicity is publicity, Negative publicity is extremely good publicity,” reads Babu Owino’s tweet.

On Wednesday, Kenyans On Twitter were pushing the tag #JusticeforDJEvolve who was allegedly shot by the MP early this year.


Justice for DJ Evolve

The DJ Evolve incident has been haunting the Politician for months now, with questions around his Hospital bill and how the DJ is fairing on from his hospital Bed.

The #JusticeforDJEvolve hashtag became a topic of discussion on Twitter after a number of Kenyans joined the world in calling for justice for George Floyd who died in the hands of Minneapolis police.

Just the other day, DJ Evolve’s employer B-club said that the Disk Jockey is still admitted in hospital, despite being moved from the ICU Ward to the normal ward.


“Hello Please DJ Evolve is still in Hospital. Our Post was to Re-introduce DJ evolve and keep his career relevant to others, so that his fans don’t forget him. Thank You,” reads the message.

Here re some of the tweets

Murefu @Kimutu_Kikubwa “#justicefordjevolve (dis)Hon Babu Owino took aim and shot DJ Evolve in a cool and intentional decision. Cool and calculated. Then he used his money to pay his medical bills, and used his influence to stay out of jail on the softest bail terms in Kenya”.


RAW ❁@_Rawson7 “As Kenyans are busy currently asking #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd I wonder where we'll get with #justicefordjevolve. A Politician just shot a Dj at point blank and still has his job and busy teaching our children in YouTube. HUMANS DISGUST ME”

OTC @timothyodera “Babu shot dj evolve but the dj did not die. The likes of msando, kenei and many others were murdered and nobody remembers that. Fuck you all. I stand with babu owino #justicefordjevolve”


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