Heated debate over Azziad’s influence in making Utawezana song go viral

Who deserves credit in making Utawezana go viral

Heated debate over Azziad’s influence in making Utawezana song go viral

Femi One and Mejja’s song Utawezana clocked 5 million views on YouTube within 4 weeks and Kenyans On Twitter can’t agree on who deserves the credit in mobilizing all the numbers.

On Tuesday, Netizens pitted Femi One against internet sensation Azziad who became popular after her video jamming to the #Utawezanachallenge went viral.

In the ongoing debate on Twitter, a section feels that Utawezana hit-makers (Femi and Mejja) should have paid Azziad or even appreciated her for introducing many people to their song. Others argued its actually the Utawezana song that made Azziad a star, as the song was already doing very well on different streaming platforms.

Boosting the song

This whole discussion emerged after a fan reached out to Femi asking if she paid Azziad for promoting her song.

“I hope mlikanja Azziad kakitu,” posed Raph Mckers.

However, Femi made it clear that there was not need to pay the girl because she opted to jump on the #UtawezanaChallenge when the song was already trending.

“The song was already renting on Tiktok that’s why she did the challenge because she came across it on tiktok,” replied Femi.

Reactions from Kenyans on Twitter

@ItsTumbe “#azziad Plot twist , If Femi One and Mejja never released the song ,Azziad Nasenya would just be a character on Tiktok but all of you would still know Mejja and Femi one. Azziad benefitted more”

@BravinYuri “If you go to the Streets Right now and start asking who sang #Utawezana, I am sure most people will likely Say #Azziad and not Femi one. Femi One & Mejja made a Great song. That I give them. But Azziad gave the song the necessary push. It wasn't even 1M views before her video!”

@smoogi2 “#azziad she played a big role in the song yes but the song has made her famous too. Many of us didn’t know her before. For me it’s a win-win for both of them and there was no agreement of any payment coz she took the challenge willingly ✌🏿”

@dianamarua_ “Those who are saying Azziad deserves credits for marketing Utawezana are zombies. I knew the song even before she did the challenge but I didn't know the girl. So the song marketed #azziad Truth be told two thirds of you couldn't be knowing her if it were not for the song”

Fridah Ke “#azziad is so much overrated, but since sina influence size yake wacha tu ninyamaze Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy”

@Bahda_254 “Yes #azziad did have a big influence on the utawezana song. Those saying she should be paid by Femi, which side of your brains are you using? Was she a video vixen in that song?”

@PeterKariukiKE “I first saw Utawezana video by #azziad on whats app groups. It was really fun and everyone enjoyed it. So today am waking up to learn that actually it was a cover and the original video was done by Mejja and Femi one. Kudos @AzziadNasenya for making the song this popular’

@BosiboriKE “People Trying To Hold #azziad Over Femi One because She Did Some Amazing Tiktok Video should Just smoke Some Weed And Relax. The Two Ladies Are Pretty Good At What They Do. It Is Stupid To Compare Them or Make One Look Less”

@Lewanjoski “#Azziad made the Challenge. It blew up. As to who benefited from to me looks like a win-win situation. For Femi One , Azziad made more people watch the song which is good. For her side she became a household name, gained numbers & landed a few gigs. She even benefited more”


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