Nilikuwa najua the best career was either kuwa Makanga ama Mwizi – Kabi WaJesus

He opens up!

Nilikuwa najua the best career was either kuwa Makanga ama Mwizi – Kabi WaJesus

YouTuber Peter Kabi popularly known as Kabi WaJesus has disclosed that he once believed that the best jobs in this life was to either be a bus conductor (Makanga) or a thief.

Speaking when he appeared on #BongaNaJalas, Kabi said that growing up in Kayole, he did not have role models and this contributed a lot to his decision.

He went on to say that of the two jobs, he did not want to be a thief because he was afraid he’d steal and get beaten, so he chose to be a bus conductor because he could make money on a daily basis.

The YouTuber mentioned that it was the life he wanted but once he stepped out of it, and got saved, he realized there was more to life and he could get more than that.

I did all those things because I didn’t have role models. Nilikuwa najua hii ndio life. Nilikuwa najua the best career in this life was either kuwa makanga ama kuwa mwizi lakini sikuwa nataka kuwa mwizi juu nilikuwa najipenda. Nilikuona naona nikikuwa mwizi nipigwe mawe mimi. So naona makanga at least hapo nitapata pombe virahisi because doo ni ya daily na madem wanapenda makanga. Huko mtaa makanga amepiga silver zake safi amepiga mangoto… nilikuwa naangalia nasema this is the life I want to live but once nilistep out nikakuja kujua Jesus na nikapatana na watu wanafikiria bigger nlianza kufikiria big,” said Kabi WaJesus.

Quit drinking and smoking

Kabi also disclosed that before getting saved, he was an alcoholic and used to smoke cigarettes and even marijuana and it took him getting sick to quit.

According to him, he got diagnosed with Tuberculosis and was asked to quit drinking and any kind of smoking, and has never looked back.

I don’t drink because nasikia sitaki kunywa pombe but niko na story. Before 2013 I was not born again nilikuwa mlevi sana and wacha nikuambie kitu in 2011 nilipata TB (Tuberculosis) nikaambiwa niwache pombe na sigara na hizo vitu na bangi,” said Kabi WaJesus.


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