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Comedian Njugush in trouble after sharing ‘rape’ video

It was wrong!!

In the video that he has since deleted from his social media pages, Njugush who makes funny videos with his wife Celestine played the role of guy forcing to go home with a lady after taking her out.

A section of fans who did not take the comedian’s jokes lightly started condemning Njugush who later on pulled down the video and apologized to his fans.

Here are reactions from his followers;


@Ngaruthi Njugush was wrong, he took a joke too far. He has pulled down the content and apologized. Good afternoon everyone.

@WarariJK I'm seeing some men who knew what's was wrong with Njugush's video but talked about 'waiting for feminists to see it' which says alot about a lot of men's unbotherdness over consent and changing their ways

@LucasAtito Wewe wachana na story ya Rape culture.. We are behaving as if Njugush has killed or literally raped wa kavinye... He was just doing what happens every where across the globe. He did it right coz he took a video of it.. Imagine if it was not recorded?

@DavidFesto16 Unfollow verified talk show hosts,journalists, Njugush,why would you follow a moron who's paid by a corporation to corporatize social reality! If their action contradicts their speech,believe the action.

 @kellyGitahi Agreed Amal. The video was wrong and promoting rape culture. If we don't condemn it now, someone else will post another video and another and the rape culture will be normalized. I love Njugush but on this one he was wrong.


@nickmuthumbi I don't even know why Njugush engaged anyone in that conversation! Worse still, took the video down. That video was pure infotainment! Wokeness hizi streets ni front tu! Ni gutee!

@DeeKerubo Is this really the hill you want to@die on? You honestly saw that video and didn’t have the slightest cringey feeling? Women live this reality daily and it’s really no joking matter. But do you, keep being an enabler.


@__njeri__ Njugush’ video post wasn’t necessary. Those are the ones you record & delete maze. The fact that he had said “if you not okay with it,pole” could have just made him think twice


@alewazza254 Njugush's video was actually ill-informed, meaning he doesn't quite get how sensitive the issue of consent problem is with the double standards from a section of KOT calling him out, you see the kind of shit they post/rt/do and think to yourself "huyu hawezi nishow any"

@kerry_komar At one point we all do mistakes!! It's very much acceptable. Njugush has done a lot of things positively, he as been continuously cracking our ribs everyday. We thank you Don't hate him but lets correct him in a right way Hope @BlessedNjugush will collect himself.


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