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DJ Mo forced to eat a humble pie

He has sent out a heartfelt apology.

This was in a reply to Willy Paul’s comment on Instagram where DJ Mo wrote “Unanijua vizuri amezoea watu sana and I hear she is a single mum she couldn’t keep a man.”

A statement that irked many Kenyans who agreed that DJ Mo’s comment was out of pocket as it was not only a very low blow but also strange as he was raised by a single mum.

Following the backlash on social media and even from even his very own colleagues at Nation, DJ Mo has sent out this apology:


APOLOGIES TO ALL THE SINGLE MUMS, mad love infact I was raised by one (divorce) - poleni sana you all know how I respect women!

Apology to all single mums actually was raised by one by I felt it wasn't necessary what she did – apologies


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