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Nyota Ndogo shares lessons learnt after meeting husband's ex-wife

Kenyan songstress, Nyota Ndogo is currently in Denmark where she met her husband's ex-wife and family

Nyota Ndogo shares lessons learnt after meeting husband's ex-wife and family

Kenyan songstress, Nyota Ndogo is having a great time in Denmark, bonding with her husband’s family.

The singer who flew to join her husband shared photos of her experience as she bonded with Henning Nielsen.

Also present was Nielsen’s ex wife with the singer taking to social media to express her surprise at how he has maintained a cordial relationship with her ex-wife even after parting ways.

Among the photos shared was one she took in what appeared to be a beach, with the songstress remarking that despite being far away from home, she still felt at home as Denmark is as sunny as Kenya.


"Denmark is sunny, just like Kenya. I feel at home." She wrote.

The singer blended work with pleasure, sharing a video of her husband busy at work as she kept him company.

Afterwards, the singer met Nielsen’s family and was embraced with love by her in-laws.

"When you get married into a family that loves and accepts you, you get boundless happiness.”


The highlight of the day when she met joined Nielsen and his ex-wife for a fun-filled game.

Nielsen's ex-wife who came with her current husband.

Nyota Ndogo was in a team that comprised of Nielsen’s ex-wife’s current husband and her sisters.

Taking to social, media, the singer shared her observation, writing:

“Nimejifunza mambo mengi kwa wazungu but niliopenda zaidi nikua hawa watu wakiachana na waliwahi kuzaa huwa familia inaendeleza upendo hata ya kirafiki (I learnt a lot but one that I ilked most is that Caucasian people harbour no ill feelings when they separate).


"Ukimuangalia aliposimama mume wangu yani hio team huyu mama ni aliyekua mke wake kisha huyu mschana ni mtoto wao na mjukuu so wapo team moja upande wa pili tupo team na dadazake na mume wake wa saizi. (The woman behind my husband is his ex-wife, their daughter and grandchild. My team is made up of her sisters and her current husband)” Nyota Ndogo wrote.


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