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Octopizzo opens up on taking legal action against KTN

It is sad in this generation that media personalities don’t take their time to report facts - Octo.

Octopizzo (Facebook)

In January, Henry Ohanga popularly known as Octopizzo was faced with serious accusations of chasing a 19-year-old student to his death.

The Oliel rapper was accused of chasing Kenneth Abom of Strathmore University with a machete causing him to jump to his death. Octopizzo is now speaking up about the incident that rocked him and his family.

“It (the year) started out rocky but there is no straight line in life. When you are alive it's up and downs but it’s just nice that there is more clarity now,” he said on Adelle and Shaffie’s show on Kiss 100.


He went on to blame KTN for how they covered the incident “The problem was what KTN reported it wasn’t even about whatever was happening as that was in police hands and they were going to find out eventually what happened. It is sad that in this generation media personalities don’t take their time to report facts. It’s just about being the first to report so that they have some clicks so that people can watch them and they trend. It was so sad to see a big TV station like that just doing hype. I don’t understand what they were getting from that. I don’t even think that I’ll do in an interview with them ever again, period.”

Bad Reporting

“It was bad reporting,” Octopizzo said.

“But you took legal action?” Adelle asked.


 “Yes, I just told them to talk to the police as they were the ones in charge of the case and even the people who did with the false reporting got their letters,” Octo revealed.

“Behind this celebrity stuff, we are human. Some people deal with us like we are some sort of gods or some creatures that are not human….I didn’t talk to people for two months, I just went to the studio and recorded,” he said on dealing with the traumatic incident.


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