Otile Brown advises fan following remarks on dating an artiste

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Otile Brown advises fan following remarks on dating an artiste

Kenyan RnB singer Otile Brown has advised one of his fans after she complained about dating musicians.

While responding to one of his posts, the fan identified as Joyous said that dating an artiste is a stressful affair that needs too much patience.

Nakwambia kudate msanii yahitaji uvumilivu wa kutosha,” she said.

Otile who was in good spirits then responded saying that it all narrows down to what is on one’s mind.

He went on to say that if one person in the relationship starts feeling insecure and suspicious about everything an artiste does, they will end up with a heart break.

The singer further said that they cannot stop working as artistes, because their partners are insecure of the things they do in line of work.

It’s all in your head dear. If you start being paranoid and inquisitive about everything, trust me you will find what you’re looking for and that’s a break up… it’s just dancing until you start over thinking. Sasa atutafanya kazi,” said Otile Brown.

All this transpired after Otile Brown who had a successful show in Kakamega had shared a video of himself dancing with one of the fans who had attended the show.

Some of his fans then took it that his words could be the reason he parted ways with his Ethiopian girlfriend Nabbi after just a few months of dating.

This is why Nabbi left! Dating a musician haitaki makasiriko,” asked a fan identified as Nyanchama Samantha.


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