Barely three months ago, Kenyan RnB singer Otile Brown introduced his new girlfriend, an Ethiopian called Nabayet.

The two shared romantic photos and videos together on their social media pages, before the singer traveled for his Europe tour.

Has Otile Brown dumped his Ethiopian girlfriend?


However, things may have taken a different turn for the two judging by their recent actions on their social media pages. Otile Brown has deleted all photos and videos he put up with the new bae from his Instagram page.

A spot check by Pulse Live also revealed that Nabayet had also deleted any picture she had uploaded with Otile Brown, from her Instagram page.

The two, however, still follow each other on the social media platform.

Has Otile Brown dumped his Ethiopian girlfriend?

New bae

In March, Otile introduced the new bae with a romantic video he posted on his page. He went on to alert his fans to meet their new “in-law”

"Yani wewe na uhuni na ujanja wako wote lazima utakutana na kiboko yako atakaye kutuliza.. Wifi yenu @nabbi__wewe kiboko.. tell e’m am done done , Nimewala sana, sai nimetulia staki mbwembwe #BadMan #wegotnothingbutlove” he caption the video.

The singer introduced his Ethiopian bae days after putting up a post on Instagram stating that he wanted a real woman in his life and not socialites who were only after media attention.

Vera and Otile. Vera Sidika spills the beans with details of Otile Brown's manhood

Otile-Vera Sidika breakup

Last year, Otile Brown and Vera Sidika parted ways in a nasty break up that saw the two former love birds air their dirty secrets in public.

Otile Brown accused Ms Sidika of being a sex addict and trying to use him to have a baby, while Vera Sidika accused the singer of having poor bedroom skills.

At the time of parting ways, Vera and Otile had only dated for five months.