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Beautiful singer spotted dead drunk on cheap liquor after joining rehab

It's high time we talk about saving our celebs from this kind of languish.

The band Sema made of the trio, Pam, Sanaipei Tande and Kevin Waweru was popular back in the day for their hit song, Leta Wimbo, Leo, and Sakalakata. However, they disbanded in pursuit of their careers in music as solo artists.

While little is known about Kevin who went back to school, Sanaipei Tande got into radio before she went back to music. For Pam, however, life hasn’t been as friendly.

In September this year, Pam was admitted to rehab at the Serenity Place Rehabilitation Center in Kawaha Sukari.


According to radio presenter, Shaffie Weru’s weekly column on a local newspaper The Star, the beautiful singer was spotted severally at the Mugoya Shopping Centre in a grimy off license kiosk named Mugoya Winery usually visited by alcoholics looking for a quick fix in cheap liquor.

Shaffie’s column dubbed The Raverend found out from an undisclosed source that Pam spends most of her time there begging for handouts and singing for more liquor.

“She begs for handouts and sings for hard liquor. It is sad really, she has been seen with the same outfit for weeks. Other times she just blacks out at the same spot.”

Her social life went to the dogs after alcoholism kicked in. Mpasho’s source claimed that “ All the people who knew her (from her pop star days) run away from her because they have to give her something small when they meet her along the streets, which she then uses to buy more alcohol. She never buys food, just alcohol… Pam’s pop star days are gone, now she whiles her days sipping on cheap drinks and chatting with unkempt men with bloodshot eyes.”

Alcoholism is one of the most common deadly addictions in Kenya. With celebrities such as Omosh from Tahidi High, Oj, Jimwat (who luckily came out it) and many others having struggled with the same and other hard drugs, it’s high time that we discuss how we can save our favorite entertainers from this kind of languish.


Our sources however reveal that Pam is still in rehab and her family is livid about Shaffie's story. We wish her a quick recovery and a successful bounce back to music if that's her plan.


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