Kenyan Gospel singer Mercy Masika has sent a message to Tanzanian actress Muna Love, after she attended the burial of her late son Patrick Peter.

In the message she wrote on her Instagram page, Masika said that it had been a tough few weeks for Muna and that her only strength and hope would come from God.

“My good friend, it's been a really tough season and a very painful walk this few weeks. Your strength and hope is in the Lord, who has lifted you up and he will make you laugh again. Jesus will always be your help at all times and you are surely more than a conqueror! We love you ,” said Ms. Masika who was one of the celebrities who attended the burial of late celebrity kid Patrick.

Patrick Peter succumbed to a Brain tumor on Tuesday at the Nairobi Hospital in Kenya, after he had been in and out of hospital from July 2017.

Young Patrick was a darling to many owing to his mastery of the Bible as well as singing and preaching skills at the tender age of 7 years.

He was laid to rest on Saturday in Tanzania’s Kinondoni.