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Mugithi artiste Peter Miracle Baby welcomes fifth child

Congratulations to Miracle Baby and Katrue!

Peter Miracle Baby from Gengetone group Sailors Gang

Mugithi artiste Peter Miracle Baby and fiancé Carol Katrue have welcomed their first child together after being together for a while.

The pair have confirmed that their bundle of joy was born on February 17, 2023, at 7:00 pm through a short clip that Katrue has shared on her Instagram page.

News of their born baby was shared through the social media handles of the medical facility that they had visited for delivery services before Katrue re-shared the same post.


The post was a photo of herself together with the Miracle Baby in the hospital with the pair smiling, a sign that they were happy to welcome their first child together.

The photo was followed by a video that showed Katrue holding the newborn in the hospital bed as she smiled with a caption that revealed the baby's name.

"Welcome baby Rhonix. Friday 7:00 pm," read Katrue's caption on her Instagram stories segment.


The two have since received congratulatory messages from their close friends and they have not shied away from posting the same for their fans to read as they celebrate a new milestone in their relationship.

For instance, Jeffer Flexx shared a photo of the two on his socials as he congratulated Peter and Katrue on starting a new journey in their lives.

The newborn is Miracle Baby's fifth child after siring four other kids with different ladies. According to a local media house, the Mugithi artist wants to have 17 kids upon being asked why he can't keep to one lady.


"No woman will agree to give birth to 17 children. The baby mamas know each other and are on good terms," stated Miracle Baby.

Congratulations to Peter and Katrue on welcoming their first child together.


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