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Boniface Mwangi’s lawyer responds to rumors that the activist has been murdered by a powerful political figure

Boniface Mwangi often rushes into places where angels fear to tread. He says what many fear to say due to fear of antagonizing some very powerful political figures. And his recent tussle with Ruto is just one of the incidences that show just how balls-y Boniface is.


In a flurry tweets, Boniface said that the deputy president was involved in the death of slain businessman Jacob Juma. In addition Boniface accused him of corruption and land grabbing.

He then went on to poke the bear by demanding that Deputy President William Ruto’s wealth be divulged to the public.

Following these incidences, a hashtag #RutoMurdersBonifaceMwangi  has been trending on twitter sparking fears of the worst among fans.

Thankfully Boniface is alive and well as his lawyer Gitobu Imanyara said “Contrary to rumours being circulated on social media my client Boniface Mwangi is alive and well and in good health.”


With Boniface Mwangi backing up his statement by tweeting “I am alive and well”


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