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7 of Kenya’s most private celebrities (Photos)

They are notoriously private in an industry that demands publicity.

Brenda Wairimu

For some of them, you would be hard pressed to even find a photo of them on the internet. Here are some celebrities who have managed to keep their private life under wraps

1.    Biko Zulu

How many of you can actually say that they have seen Biko Zulu? He is rarely at public events and if he is there he is often the first to leave. He values his privacy so much that he never gives TV interviews and a cartoon had to be placed in front of his face during an episode of ‘Our 2 Cents’ to hide his identity. It’s even shocking that Susan Wong managed to get him on camera in the first place!


2.    Redsan

He has some of the biggest dancehall hits in the country and one of the most recognisable faces since he has been in the music industry for more than a decade. But very few know about his private life, no one knows if he is married or if he has any kids as Redsan has not had a TV interview in 4 years. He recently broke the record with an interview on ‘NTV Sasa’ and even then he did not spill anything.

“I’m very private, my professional career and my private life are two different things. I want to maintain zile heshima za familia, marafiki na ukoo hivi.” He revealed during the interview. And the reason you will rarely find him at the club getting his ratchet on or at events is that he prefers family time to disco balls, puking strangers and loud music.

3.    Brenda Wairimu

The ‘Let’s Talk’ host on Ebru TV likes her privacy and so does her man Juliani.


And that is why many were out of the loop when Brenda got pregnant, when she broke up with Juliani and when she was proposed to. We don’t even know how her daughter Amor who is now 2 looks like though reliable sources reveal she looks like her mum. And there is a reason for all this. In an interview on ‘The Trend,’ Brenda said, “We are a very young family and we do not want to subject our family to scrutiny. I’m very protective of things I hold dear.”

Her baby has also not been on social media because she doesn’t want to make her daughter’s face public in case she grows up to be a private person and wants a quiet life away from the publicity of her famous parents.

4.    Victoria Rubadiri

Not much was known about Victoria Rubadiri until 2015 when she did a number of interviews with a few publications like True Love Magazine. After these interviews, she went into recluse once again and nothing much has been heard from her in terms of her life away from her NTV job.

5.    Sheila Mwanyigha


When she dated Prezzo we had a clue about what goes on in Sheila’s life since Prezzo absolutely loves publicity. But since their break up about 10 years ago, Sheila has kept the public’s nose out of her private life. Last we heard was that she was getting married and called it off at the 11hour, but Sheila neither confirmed nor denied it so it’s still subject to speculation.

6.    Vimal Shah

The former BIDCO C.E.O also likes to keep a low profile. His name may be on Forbes and he may be worth millions of dollars but all you will hear from Vimal Shah is mostly on his public life. Even when True Love Magazine conducted an interview with him at his house for their Home Life section, they were forbidden from revealing where his home is located. But then again he is a billionaire so for security reasons he would like to keep his location of the radar.

7.    Ali Hassan Joho


He is one of Raila’s right-hand men and has had some of the most explosive power struggles with the president. He is also very vocal and has been associated with KTN news anchor Betty Kyallo. But stories of him dating Betty Kyallo have been more of a rumour than a fact since Joho’s private life is airtight. In fact, the only photo the public has of Joho’s wife Madina is pretty grainy and looks like a cutout someone stole from their family album since they don’t appear in public together.

8.    Mzazi Willy Tuva

Mzazi Tuva is without a doubt onE of the biggest radio personalities not only in Kenya but the whole of East Africa. But how many of us know how Mzazi’s wife looks like? Apart from his close friends and family, Mzazi’s private life and his wife are an enigma to many.


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