Kenyan celebrities roast Jeff Koinange and Miguna Miguna after the Esther Passaris ‘rape comment ‘on JKL

The Jeff Koinange Live bench was on fire after Miguna Miguna decided to ‘read’ Esther Passaris in the worst way possible on Wednesday night.

Esther Passaris and Miguna Miguna on Jeff Koinange Live

In a video leaked by XTian Dela, Miguna is heard telling Esther Passaris “You are chasing men all over. Esther, nobody wants you. You are too old, nobody wants you. Who wants you? Who wants you? Esther, nobody wants you, you think you are beautiful... you are not. The cartels who think you are beautiful,  they sent you here."

He then went on to dismiss her beauty as just colour given that she is of mixed-race heritage. "It's just colour...Esther, it’s just colour. Without the colour you are are absolutely are are not beautiful! You have nothing...Everybody is raping Esther...Esther I am NOT one of these men that you can chase around. You’re too common. You're too old. Who wants you???”

Esther who had clearly carried a knife to a gun fight was no match for the boisterous and belligerent Miguna who taunted her repeatedly and all she could do was call him ‘obnoxious’ and ‘loud’ and tell him to shut up.

A day after this aired, Miguna claimed that the rape comment was blown out of proportion by JKL and KTN and that it was just a “sarcastic response to an unfounded allegation against me”.

Before saying that “I have never stated that it is okay to rape a woman" and that “I have never had a problem with women. I am a progressive man in my political philosophy and I deal with a woman in the same way I deal with men.”

Unimpressed by his conduct on JKL, Kenyan celebrities took to Twitter to condemn how Miguna carried himself and how Jeff Koinange just sat there chuckling amid all the drama.

Ciru Muriuki ‏@CiruMuriuki: I find it shocking that @KoinangeJeff would stand by chuckling as Miguna Miguna made those obscene remarks to @EstherPassaris.

Ciru Muriuki @CiruMuriuki: @KoinangeJeff I looked up to you once. But I feel it's time you took a step back and thought about what you want your legacy to be.

Cindy Bonita Ogana: Jeff Koinange Live is now Kenya's version of Jerry Springer#Useless

FERDINAND OMONDI ‏@FerdyOmondi:Jeff has to decide whether his show is Larry King Live or a Jerry Springer. Can't be both #RaceForNairobi

Prof Makau Mutua Verified account ‏@makaumutua:   Miguna's conduct on #JKL last night was textbook misogyny.  Denounce him and defend @EstherPassaris.  @KoinangeJeff must ban Miguna forever.

Massawe Japanni ‏@MassaweJapanni : #MigunaRespectWomen What has Miguna done for this country ,that's so remarkable..ONE THING! @EstherPassaris

Cleopas Awinja ‏@AwinjaCleopas: Wrestling @MigunaMiguna is like fighting a pig in mad (sp)... the pig is at home! Run @EstherPassaris Run!  #RaceForNairobi

Donald B Kipkorir ‏@DBK017: Miguna Miguna, a failed lawyer & like all failed men, hide their inadequacies in demeaning women instead of debating #MigunaRespectWomen

Even Nyota Ndogo was not impressed by Miguna’s comments and Jeff Koinange’s fake impartiality and took to social media to express her distaste in a video that has now gone viral You can read all about Nyota's response here: “I am surprised Jeff Koinange could afford to laugh”


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