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Controversial Kenyan lesbian film banned by Ezekiel Mutua

The film is the first Kenyan feature film to be featured at the Cannes Film Festival.

Through a press briefing on Friday, KFCB prohibited the distribution, exhibition and broadcast of Rafiki stating that the film’s lesbian nature went against the Kenyan law.

“Rafiki has homosexual scenes counter to the law, the culture and the moral values of the Kenyan people. It seeks to legitimize lesbian romance.”

KFCB further warned that anyone in possession of the film would be found in breach of the law.


Upon further consultations with the film's director Wanuri Kahiu and other stake holders, the film is to be edited and submitted for reclassification.

A disappointed Wanuri took to her social media to announce the news stating that "adult Kenyans are mature and discerning enough to watch local content but their right has been denied."

Cannes Film Festival

Rafiki, a lesbian love story, was inspired by the 2007 Caine Prize winning story Jambula Tree by Ugandan writer Monica Arac de Nyeko and produced by Steven Markovitz.

The story follows two girls Kena and Ziki that are close friends who eventually fall in love. Their families are on opposing sides of the political divide.


They are faced with a lot of pressure thus causing a strain in their friendship. This further causes them to make a hard decision between happiness and safety.

Rafiki is the first feature film to be selected by the Cannes Film Festival.


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