Kenyan veteran rapper CMB Prezzo has again been dumped by his Tanzanian girlfriend Amber Lulu months after re-uniting.

In an interview with Wasafi TV, Lulu who is a video vixen cum singer, explained that she decided to end her relationship with Prezzo on grounds that he was not committed to make things work.

“Unaona ukikaa sehemu yeye bado yuko yuko tu. Yani humwelewi elewi tu. Yaani yupo tu sawa sijui kwa nini? Yaani nadhani tu jina Prezzo halafu inakuwa nini. Imefika kwenye video pia tumesumbua sana nimeenda Kenya kushoot video ya wimbo wetu mara tatau, kila akifika siku ya location anazingua, na mimi naipenda kazi yangu, so heri kila mtu awe tu kivyake sasa ivi,” said Amber Lulu.

Prezzo and Amber Lulu
Prezzo and Amber Lulu

Break up

This is the second time Amber is breaking up with Prezzo. Last year the two love birds parted ways following what she termed as "wasting each other’s time".

As that is not enough, their relationship got messy after a video of Amber Lulu getting cozy with singer Nuh Mziwanda leaked online.

Amber defended her actions claiming the video leaked accidentally apologizing to the public.

Amber Lulu and her  ex Boyfriend Prezzo.
Amber Lulu and her ex Boyfriend Prezzo.

“Nuh and I were just hanging out. I do not love him. CMB Prezzo is not happy with what I did. I love the Kenyan rapper, and I am begging him to forgive me,” she said in an interview with a local radio station.

However, six months later the two reconciled and even went ahead to collaborate in a song dubbed Makeke, only to part ways days after.