I had suicidal thoughts – Robert Burale opens up on his struggles

He opens up!

I had suicidal thoughts – Robert Burale opens up on his struggles

City preacher and life coach Robert Burale has for the first time opened up on the struggles he has undergone, to be where he is.

The father of one while speaking on Weekend with Betty said that he had gone through a lot of things, which include having suicidal thoughts.

He went on to disclose that at one time, the left part of his body was completely paralyzed and he had no friends to pray with, nobody cared about him.

I have gone through a broken marriage. It’s no secret that I have gone for days without food. It’s not a secret that at some point my left side was dead. Nobody was there to pray with me but now there are more who bash me. So before you bash anybody you don’t know their journey. When I was going days without food, nobody cared, the attention was not on me they were bashing somebody who was eating pizza. So I’ve been through all this things. I have been through suicidal thoughts. When you thought my goodness I’m useless the world is better off without me and a few voices told me you know what, you can do it. When I look back I thank God and the people he used to come speak to me years ago for me to stand strong,” said Burale.

RB however, said that he was grateful that it all happened to him and he will forever be grateful to God and the people he used, to speak to him.


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