Wamlambez hit makers trolled after this comment on manager Mwalimu Rachel

You will deactivate your accounts- Sailors

Wamlambez hit makers trolled after this comment on manager Mwalimu Rachel

Wamlambez hit makers who go by the group name Sailors have been trolled after they shared a tweet, talking about their manager Mwalimu Rachel.

This comes in the wake of allegations by several social media users claiming that the NRG radio presenter is using the Gengetone singers for her own benefit. Others argue that they have grown enough to have their own YouTube channel, where they can upload their music, instead of using Mwalimu Rachel’s.

In a tweet, Sailors said that the day they will come clean on their relationship with Mwalimu, many people will be shocked.

They added that the people who have been bad mouthing their manager will be forced to deactivate their twitter accounts, when that time comes.

Ile siku we'll come clean about our relationship with @MwalimuRachel wambea itabidi mme deactivate accounts,” they said.

Their words did not settle well with social media users who went on the offensive as some said that it was their manager who had sent out the tweet.

Here are their reactions;

@theurichegeh Sailor's si mtoe video tuone mtapost kwa channel gani ndio tufunge account vizuri

@k_mcogolla back to sender mwalimu rachel is that you

@IamElvisMvoi Nyinyi ndio mtadeactivate account

@KOTLoyals This can't be Miracle Baby's English, My Sister, Mwalimu, show yourself.

@salim_said_ Sailors can't make a complete statement without using some sheng words we know your handwriting mwalimu Rachel

@Shemkimani2 So you mean out of the five members absolutely no one among them can construct a full English sentence that's so demoralizing Anyway no one owes anyone good English pita kubwa kubwa na yenye utapata

@Washiraa1 Sailors na sheng yao kweliii wanaeza sema 'wambea' na kuna loads of other sheng words like wasoro, watiaji na zingine zile wangetumia kupass message @MwalimuRachel acha kubeba watu pampers bana aibu yo!

@___Maliks If this is coming from the boys, There wld be no New Youtube Channel, so if the relationship is strong, why didnt they stick to her page..

@kijonte The fact that the word wambea imetumika inashow huyu tu ni mwalimu Rachel ametweet. Hao vijana watajulia wapi Kiswahili na default settings ni serious kisapere..


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