Milly Chebby and hubby Terence Creative come clean on cheating reports and alleged divorce

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Milly Chebby and hubby Terence Creative come clean on cheating reports and alleged divorce

Instagram comedian Terence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby have finally come out to address the highly publicized cheating reports and a looming divorce.

In an interview with a local magazine, the two who opened up on various other aspects of their lives were quick to rubbish the claims, saying that it was rumours that hold no ground.

According to Chebby, a lot had been said in the past couple of days but they have leant to deal with it by not letting what is said get to them.

So much has been said and sometimes these things get to you that if you are not careful, you start questioning your partner. We try as much as possible not to let what people say come between us. We see what they write often discuss them openly so that we are on the same page,” Milly Chebby told Parents Magazine.

Terence on the other hand, said that being a celebrity, he is often misjudged from the posts he shares on social media.

He added that there is no other woman and bloggers only pick such stories from photos he takes with his fans.

People read too much on the things we post. Being a celebrity, I have fans with whom I take pictures with. When we share these photos online, they become fodder for bloggers who will write anything for hits,” he said.

Terence who disguises as a caretaker and a gossiping woman called Kamami in his skits also assured their fans that there was nothing like a divorce, as had been said by several blogs and gossip sites.


A few weeks ago, rumours went viral that the two love birds were going through a tough time, and were on the brink of a divorce after Terence cheated on his wife with another lady.

She went on to share a series of suggestive posts on social media which she deleted after sometime.

A spot check by also disclosed that Chebby had unfollowed Terence, on Instagram.


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