Street Couple transformed into super models taken to exotic vacation [Photos]

Love is a beautiful thing

The two love birds landed at the coast courtesy of Bonfire adventures, to enjoy a three days fully paid trip.

Going by the photos shared by Muchiri Frames, the two who traveled in company of their friend are having a good time.

“Then His light shines upon you NO heights will be too high for you to soar and no coasts will be too wide for you to traverse...A testimony that is coming to life as Blackie, Virginia and Pharma are enjoying themselves in Diani courtesy of . Their experiences are hilarious, heart melting and life changing...The story is weaving beautifully.” Wrote the Photographer who transformed the street couple.

Last week the couple were showered with lots of gifts after their extraordinary story went viral on social media.

They were offered all kinds of support in a bid to ensure that they don’t get back to the streets.


According to Muchiri who appeared on Kubamba Radio, Kenyans offered to rent the two a house as well as providing them with household things.

"THERE IS GREAT PROGRESS HAPPENING. We now have a house paid for them for five months, we have someone buying a seat for the house, we have someone buying them a mattress, we have someone making some designer clothes for them, we have someone who promised a bed. WE NEED A LITTLE MORE... we need a bed, we need gas, we need maybe one more seat, we need their kitchen put up, we need beddings. And other household things... YOU KNOW WHAT I BELIEVE WE ARE MAKING, tomorrow’s ambassadors of change in our society. They may be 3, but that 3 might multiply like the "2fish and 5loaves of bread"  call 0728988830 and be counted” shared Muchiri

Love story

The photographer has used his skills to tell a love story of two street couples Sammy who is famously known as Blackie and Virginia.

The two met on the streets of Nairobi where they lived as “Chokoras” (Street Children). After bumping into each other severally at Central Park, they become good friend and later fell in Love.


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