An 11-year old girl started an online war with popular radio presenter and entertainer Phelix Odiwour better known as Jalang’o.

Wendy Waeni, a well-known acrobat in Kenya took to Instagram accusing Jalang’o of stealing Sh4,500 from her.

According to Waeni’s online post, the Hot 96 Fm presenter called her for a show along Mombasa road but refused to pay her the full amount after her presentation.

Waeni mentioned that Jalas did this when he hosted a show on KTN dubbed 'Jalang'o with the money'.

On her Instagram account, the little girl questioned Jalas on when he was planning to pay the amount.

“Jalang’o when are you paying me Sh4500 that you an away with when I was still struggling in this industry..?? In case you have forgotten let me remind you that on that day you almost made us walk from Mombasa road to Huruma ,” Waeni said.

Jalang’o has since rubbished the allegations as false accusing Wendy’s manager of using the little girl to solicit money from celebrities.

Responding to the Instagram post Jalas noted: “I know this is not you but if those are your thoughts on the issue then I am sorry for you”.

The radio show host dismissed the Sh4,500 as little money highlighting: "Do I look like the type that would run away with Sh4500? Do you know how much a Bentley costs?”

Speaking to Jalango added: "I actually sent the money, I sent Sh5,000 but the guy (Waeni’s manger) wanted more claiming it was taxi money”.