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Peter Miracle Baby undergoes 4th surgery after claims of neglect & false promises

Despite promises of assistance and financial aid, Miracle Baby's treatment hit a snag earlier on leaving his family in a state of despair and uncertainty as claims of neglect and unfulfilled promises surfaced

Peter Miracle Baby

Mugithi singer Peter Miracle Baby has undergone another surgery days after allegations of neglect by well-wishers surfaced.

Despite promises of assistance and financial aid, Miracle Baby's treatment took a distressing turn, leaving his family in a state of despair and uncertainty with social media personality Bernice Saroni revealing that Carol Katrue, expressed deep distress over the lack of progress in her husband's treatment.

Reports indicate that the former TV presenter underwent a successful surgery at a Nairobi hospital on Thursday, April 18.

A video recorded before the surgery and which was shared online shows the singer in high spirits, assuring friends and family that he would come out of the operation.


"Praise the Lord. I must come out of this, right? We'll catch up later," The renowned Mugithi and Gengetone singer is heard telling those who had accompanied him to hospital before making his way to the theater.

The youthful singer has been in and out of hospital with health challenges dating back to 2018 with his wife, Carol Katrue revealing that his appendix had been removed in an earlier operation.

"He has been suffering from stomach issues since 2018 when he underwent his first surgery. The doctors said they were removing a growth, they did a CT scan, said things were blocked, and performed surgery." Katrue explained in January.

"They couldn't see his appendix. Then we did a CT scan. It turned out another hospital had removed his appendix. We thought they had removed the growth instead. They also didn't return his organs properly." Katrue explained.


A series of surgeries left the couple grappling with a huge hospital that stood at more than Sh1.6million after the third surgery in February this year.

Public appeal & Eric Omondi's intervention

The couple turned to the public for help.

"Guys, we are appealing for funds to pay the bill... Peter will be discharged tomorrow, and the hospital bill is 1.6m now," she stated, encapsulating the gravity of their situation.


Comedian Eric Omondi intervened, mobilizing funds to clear the bill and have him discharged after spending more than 60 days in hospital.

"GOD IS HAPPY!!! MAY GOD BLESS EVERYONE that Sent ANYTHING...God sees you. Our Brother is out of Hospital after 60 days because of you. TEAM SISI KWA SISI Yaani mkisemanga ni leo lazima ikue leo🙏🙏🙏," Eric Omondi stated.

Ruto's intervention

President William Ruto also got involved with a delegation of Karangu Muraya, Jaguar and Chipukeezy visiting the ailing former Sailor Gang member revealing that the Head of State would come through for them.


Jaguar noted that "The president will take care of the bills as of now. We have been raising funds to support the family, but the bills continue to soar even after he was discharged.”

President Ruto also donated Sh300,000 directly to Miracle Baby's family to support themselves.


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