Stivo Simple Boy responds to Ringtone following weeks of attacks

He responds!

Stivo Simple Boy responds to Ringtone following weeks of attacks

Internet sensation and ‘Mihadarati’ singer Stivo Simple Boy has responded to controversial gospel singer Ringtone Apoko.

Speaking on Milele FM, Simple Boy made it clear that he is an inspirational music singer and has no fight with Ringtone as it is seen online.

He added that after he became famous for appearing on the Chipukeezy show, he saw it good to sing a Gospel song to thank God for the far he has brought him.

Simple Boy sent a message to Ringtone saying that God had a reason he chose him to become a singer.

Sina vita na Ringtone mimi ni msanii wa inspiration na hio gospel song kutoa nilikua namshukuru mungu pahali amenitoa. Sina vita nay eye na jambo la pili pia ningependa kumwambia Ringtone kuwa Mungu ana sababu ya kunichagua niingie kwa hii Nyanja ya usanii,” said Simple Boy.

His words come after weeks of attacks from the Talanta yako singer on social media.

Ringtone has been sharing videos condemning the singer famed for the phrase ‘Vijana tuache mihadarati’ saying that his music career was facing an imminent death if he was not going to change his ways.

Apoko said that he should have chosen which side he is on and come out clean so that people can know the type of music he sings. He went ahead to say that Simple Boy was following the footsteps of Willy Paul who has ditched the gospel music industry for secular music.

He also went on to warn the upcoming artiste to stop his interactions with worldly people and work with Godly people if he wants to be a Gospel artiste. Ringtone had earlier on warned Gospel Djs to desist from playing the Stivo's gospel song.



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