DNG’s response after being accused of cheating and leaking nude photos of his alleged sidechick

DNG has been a topic of discussion for the better part of this week following the accusations

DNG’s response after being accused of cheating and leaking nude photos of his alleged sidechick

Switch TV presenter Davidson Ngibuini aka DNG has reacted sarcastically to allegations of leaking nude photos of his alleged side-chick who goes by the name Toto Ray (Instagram name).

For the better part of this week, DNG has been a topic of discussion in a number of gossip pages after the lady in question accused DNG of sharing her Nude photos on Telegram.

“Now days, the stories You hear about yourself will make you wonder if someone else is using Your body in another location. Nimepata hii meme nimeona ina-apply sana. 😀 Kujeni tuongee... Mnaonaje wadau? Naskia kuna mtu ananung'unika sana. Anadai aje? Marudio ama? Kutafuta kiki ama? Ngori 😂 Ni rumour gani imekunice sana kwa hiyo stori? Nitolee Pa-Pas-Purse-Paspeh, pppp #Paxpektif Yako ya io voice over. 😆#HideMyIdentity,” reacted DNG.

Where it all started

It all started when Toto Ray commented on a photo uploaded by DNG’s girlfriend (Fionah James) saying she was rocking the shirt, DNG was wearing when they first met.

“When I don’t know what to wear, I like to invade his wardrobe and DIY cute sexy outfits😜😍 @dngkenyareads Fionah James-Ngibuini’s caption (DNG’s girlfriend).

In a video seen by Pulse Live, Toto Ray (DNG’S Side-chick) narrates that she was in a romantic relationship with the star without knowing he was seeing somebody else.

Toto Ray's narration

“My name is Ray, the reason as to why I’m doing this video is to address the misunderstanding of me being labeled as Side-chick in relation to DNG. This whole story started when DNG slid into my DM, telling me how beautiful I was, we chit-chatted and after a while we established some chemistry. He then asked me out for a date which I was to know him better, from there on, one thing led to the other. I actually believed when he told me he was single so I gave in into his advances. I believed he was into me, so I could not perceive the notion that he likes the opposite gender. After getting wind of this I had to cut off this thing completely. After breaking up he decided to slander me by sharing some of my intimate videos and photos on Telegram. This was very unethical form a guy you shared a connection. My cry for help is for the cyber bullying I have been receiving for the last one week, and some guys reaching to ask how much I charge to hook up with me. I really hope you all ladies shame men who do that without your consent,” says Toto Ray in the video.

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