Talented Huruma Town Kids Popularly Known as H-Town kids have managed to capture Sauti Sol’s attention with the perfect mimic of their Album Cover Midnight Train.

On Tuesday (Night), a photo of the H-Town Kids pitted against that of Sauti Sol was shared proudly on social media by the Boy Band Members, who commended the young lads for their creativity of re-creating their Album Cover to the core.

The H-Town kids who are famous for re-creating different scenes in Movies, Music videos and even photos from various celebrities, earned bragging rights of the most creative young individuals as Sauti Sol could not help it but recognize their talents.

Talented Huruma Town Kids and Sauti Sol
Talented Huruma Town Kids and Sauti Sol

Reaction from Band Members

Sauti Sol Guitarist Polycarp Otieno aka Fancy Fingers disclosed that the re-creation got him so emotional.

“Man! This has gotten me so damn emotional! And that young boy to the right carrying a makeshift guitar is exactly me at that age because that’s exactly what I used to do, make ‘guitars’ with pieces of wood, wires and tins. Little did I know......... I pray they realize their dreams, just like we did 🙌🏿 #midnighttrain,” shared Polycarp Otieno.

Sol’s lead Vocalist Bien Aime Baraza share the photos of the talented kids with a caption that reads, “STEADY ROCKING ON THE MIDNIGHT TRAIN. GOODMORNING LOVERS. ❤❤🌹🌹”

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The MidNight Train Cover Photo
The MidNight Train Cover Photo

Chimano added, “What in the cuteness!!! #soulstyleattitude😎😎 #midnighttrain.”

Savafa Mudigi said, “Your dreams are valid. Let no one ever kill your ambition. Put in the work and you will reach Zion. #likeachamp #solkitchenKE #SolLiftOff.”

The photographer behind Sauti Sol’s Album Cover photo, Osborne Macharia wrote, “😭😭 so emotional right now.”

So Amazing

Singer Muthoni Drummer Queen also joined that conversation saying;

“This is so so so amazing🔥🔥🔥 look at what you guys have done @kevoabbra2 @osborne_macharia @iamchimano @bienaimesol @itsmefancyfingers you have given the children a way to imagine and to create and to dream. Never ever doubt your value. We need you guys. The children need you. The world needs you. This is how you heal the world..by unlocking the children. Blessings❤️🔥”

mwanzzzza “this is fye🔥, creative thinkers those ones”

carolradull “Wow! Just WOW! 🔥🔥🔥”

ted_mungai “This kids have a very creative future here❤️❤️”

antoh14 “Creativity level 101. Bless them. May light shine on them like sauti sol”.

Recognition from Diamond Platnumz

Just the other day, the Huruma Kids also managed to get a special recognition from Diamond Platnumz after they re-created his Quarantine Video that he has featured his WCB Crew.

Photos of other scenes done by the Huruma Kids

The Talented Huruma Town Kids imitating Diamond
The Talented Huruma Town Kids imitating Diamond
The Talented Huruma Town Kids doing a  Jumanji scene
The Talented Huruma Town Kids doing a Jumanji scene