NRG Radio presenter and singer Tanasha Donna Oketch has for the first time spoken on meeting Diamond’s kids with Zari Hassan.

Speaking when she graced Wasafi FM studios, Ms Donna said that she would like to meet her boyfriend’s kids. She went on to say that they are innocent and have nothing to do with all the issues with their parents.

Diamond's kids Tiffah and Nillan

I would love to meet them to be honest, I would really love to. They are kids and they have nothing to do with all the drama that is happening,” she said.


She went on to advice Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto who are both Diamond’s baby mamas to put aside their differences with the baby daddy and put forward the interests of their children.

She added that she is hopeful one day things will be okay and Diamond together with his baby mamas will have their differences put aside, when the time is right.

diamond and his Family.  Mama Dangote’s special gift to Zari’s kids Tiffah and Nillan

I would say they should just put their personal feelings aside and think about the children coz what matters is the children at the end of the day. They have nothing to do with everything that’s going on so I believe hio siku itakuja when the time is right,” said Tanasha.

Diamond has been having issues with his baby mamas and they don’t see, eye to eye. He recently revealed that he only sees his kids (Tiffah and Nillan) through Instagram, where he only gets to like their pictures.