This Bongo based artist in the country secretly to work with Thitima’s Stigah and Kymo

A top artist based in Tanzania is back in the country working on a number of interesting projects

Early last October on a weekend, and month that saw the biggest global artists, Chris Brown and Trey Songz visit Kenya, one such crept in and left the country almost unnoticed as she worked extra hard and went around meeting various top producers and artists.

Radi Mziki, was in the country shooting a video for her acclaimed song, Nairobi.

In a video that will be testament to the soul, love and identity of Nairobi as a great city, she juggles the roles of Mama Mboga, a vegetable vendor and a student over and above giving a blaring show of who she is as an individual performer and artist.

It is evident from the video that Nairobi and what makes us unique still holds a place in her big heart.

She blends in the daily matatu life as well as recognizes the various routes they ply that add to the greater cultural and artistic vibe of one of Africa’s most beloved cities.

Her acting is impeccable and we wont be surprised is she cameos in the region’s growing film industry.

The video “Nairobi” which is slated for release on Friday, November 25th, 2016, will premiere in local screens as well as online platforms. You can catch it also on her social media pages under the handle ‘Radi Mziki.’

Her love for her home country is felt in her soulful voice. She relocated with family to Dar es salaam, Tanzania, and has since settled.

She has worked on her musical, and personal strengths as well as her physique, having hit the gym to get into her current amazing shape.

“I feel good about myself.” She quips.

She is now back into the music scene fully and is looking to do a lot more of conscious music.

And as a promise of great things to come, and a Christmas present to this city, sort of, she promises, “Nairobi should expect greater things sometime in December.”

Here is one of her past songs to give you a taste of what she is about.

She was also seen with Kymo and Stigah of the Thitima fame, and your guess is a good as ours. Radi na Thitima.

Now that is something to look forward to.


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