Tina Kagia reveals how her marriage to Comedian JB Masanduku nearly made her kill herself

She tells the story of broken wife ready to end her life over love turned sour.

She said, “I pray that he figures himself out because he’s really talented; but it is not my place to help him do so - I almost fell apart the last time I tried to.”

Speaking exclusively to Pulse, Tina revealed the heart breaking story of a marriage that nearly drove her to commit suicide.

When news of their marriage hit the airwaves in October 2013, Tina Kagia and comedian JB Masanduku (Nathan Kimani) were named the cutest couple in the entertainment industry.

8 months later, the couple was blessed with a bouncing baby boy. But according to Tina, trouble was already brewing in the Kimani homestead.

“He was out drinking the whole time and only saw his son after two days,” she recalled.

Tina revealed that while the rest of the world was praising their relationship, she was holding on to her marriage for the sake of her child.

She defined her estranged husband as a charming and sick, sadistic diabolic piece of work because of the horrors he put her through.

Tina told the story of a wife whose alcoholic husband would disappear for days on end. Beneath the fake bright smiles of a well-loved woman led a dejected, manipulated life that was marred by constant lies from Masanduku. He would switch off his phone only for her to know of his whereabouts through social media.  He even travelled to Rwanda without her knowledge.

“He was never there, he would miss important dates and his vanishing acts - where he would disappear for days - became commonplace,” she revealed.

By March 2014, Tina’s was living a nightmare and she finally decided to move out for the first time. This was not an easy decision especially because of their son.

“My son loved that guy. Whenever he walked into the room, the rest of its occupants ceased to exist and he only went for ‘Daddy Cool’…,” Tina confessed in between heart wrenching tears.

JB’s charming persona won him two more chances with his wife that he took for granted. This pushed Tina into depression and somewhere along the way, the bubbly radio presenter was ready to end her own life.

“He’s a charmer; that’s why I’d always fall for his apologies.”

Last year the couple welcomed their second born, a beautiful angelic baby girl. Two months later, Tina had had enough and she finally left, only this time, there was no turning back.

“He always called my bluff every time I told him that I would move out. By this time the stress was too much and I had even gone through treatment for depression… We took a retreat to Mombasa to sort things out but he went back into his old habits as soon as we returned,” she confessed, her trust in him already broken.

Moving out was another nightmare altogether since the lease of their home was under Jb’s name. Tina revealed at that the end of that hustle she slept like a baby for the first time in a very long while.

Still, the separation was a major blow to her. The pent up anger and frustration finally spilled over and Tina turned to alcohol for comfort. She left radio and went MIA. Only her family knew where she was and her friends… well, there was nothing they could do to pull her out of her misery. Tina was ready to die.

“I disappeared for four months because I needed medical attention for depression; I was suicidal at this point.”

All this while Tina’s father was doing his best to intervene by praying, trying to get the two through marriage counselling and even sending JB’s friends to put some sense into him.

It took months before she could find her feet again. Early this year, Tina gave life a chance.

“I had to go through physical de-cluttering since almost everything I had brought back memories of our time together; I gave out most of my clothes and had to pick out new ones from my sister,” she said.

Till now, JB Masanduku doesn't where Tina lives.


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