Diana Marua on Dating Victor Wanyama, Betty Kyallo regrets getting married young and other top stories


Diana Marua on Dating Victor Wanyama, Betty Kyallo regrets getting married young and other top stories

It’s another wonderful Friday and #UhondoMtaani is back again with five of the top trending stories this week, in the world of entertainment.

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I have never dated Victor Wanyama – Diana Marua

Diana Marua wife to singer Kevin Bahati has distanced herself from allegations that she once dated Footballer Victor Wanyama after their #Tbt photos surfaced online.

In a video Ms Marua explained that she met Wanyama through a mutual friend and they ended up taking photos, but they have never been an item.

“Guys I met Victor through a mutual friend and we happened to hang out, so that translated to us taking selfies and group photos, and Kenyans on Twitter bana, you guys chose not to pick the group photo but you chose to highlight the selfie photo, which mnapenda mushene. So that's how Victor and I met,. So me and him have never dated, and I have never thought even in my wildest thoughts that I will ever date him,” said Diana Marua.

Ms Marua’s explanation came days after Kenyans On Twitter went ham on her, digging deep into her past by unleashing photos of the people she had allegedly dated before meeting Bahati.

In the video she also addressed reports that she was married before meeting the gospel singer.

Let me clear the air for y’all. Before I met Baha I used to be a model and I used to do advertisements here and there and I happened to do a family advertisement for Nivea. It was a family setup me as the mummy figure, the guy model who was meant to be my husband and some two kids, we were in that setup. It was in 2014 and a whole year’s project kukiwa na mother’s day it’s me and the kids, ikiwa father’s day it was the guy and the kids so it translated to Diana is married and has two kids. I have not been married before but I also don’t mind being called mummy in case I have children out there,” she said.

Xtian Dela summoned by DCI

Blogger Aurther Mandela aka Xtian Dela claims that he has been summoned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) over his Instagram show dubbed #ClubCovid.

In an update seen by #UhondoMtaani Dela said that he would not be able to air the show this week because of the summons.

“Just got summoned by the DCI because of Club Covid. Currently at the DCI HQ,” he said.

Earlier on, Dela had informed his fans that his show #ClubCovid will not be able to air this week on Instagram due to what’s happening behind the scenes.

“Hey guys, unfortunately I won’t be able to come back today or this week too. A lot is happening behind the scenes. Lots of battles being fought. Will keep you posted. Thanks for the support,” said Dela.

The summon comes days after three parents namely; Anthony Wahome Kamunyi, Morosi King and Francis Karanja, through Ngungi Mburu advocates took legal action against the blogger for broadcasting obscene material online.

The blogger was ordered to cease and desist from live streaming #ClubCovid on his Instagram page with immediate effect, a thing he declined to do.

Weezdom comes clean on affair with Nicah

In December 2019, Weezdom then an EMB signee was at the center of a scandal, after photos of himself in bed with Nicah the Queen were leaked on the internet.

In the photos, Weezdom was seen shirtless in bed with Nicah the Queen. In another photo, he was seen holding Nicah’s boobs from behind as they posed for the photos.

The lad has finally decided to come clean on the affair admitting that they were a couple but chose to keep it a secret because of the respect he has for her ex Dr. Ofweneke.

The singer however, denied knowing who leaked the pictures online.

Kama nishawai kuwa na yeye, nilikuwa na yeye lakini the fact that time nilikuwa nay eye hakuna mahali niliwahi sema na hakuna mahali niliwahi post nikumaanisha kuna respect enye nampea na kuna respect napea msee mwenye alikuwa nay eye. Narespect sana Dr Ofweneke ni bro yangu mkubwa ni msee amenisupport and that’s why hata time nilikuwa na Nicah sikuwahi taka kujionesha niko nay eye kwa hivyo kwenye hio picha ilitoka, hata mimi najiulizanga ilitoka wapi,” said Weezdom.

Getting married young – Betty Kyallo

K24 News anchor Betty Kyallo has said that one of her biggest mistakes in life was getting married when she was young, (at only 26 years old)

According to the mother of one, she had not lived and explored life on her own, and given a chance to re-live that time, she would take things slower.

The screen siren said she shouldn’t have rushed things then, noting that, that was only for her and if anyone out there is ready to settle down at 26, they should go ahead.

Mama Ivanna added that she is now mature and understands herself which makes it easy for her to get into marriage, unlike when she was 26.

I think it was getting married a bit young because I was 26. This is for me Betty. At 26 I don’t think I had really seen my full potential or like I hadn’t lived life, I hadn’t seen or explored life by myself and I think that’s it. There’s no issue with that, it happened but it’s not something that was a mistake as such. It was just something that you know if I was to re-do that part of my life, probably I would have waited a bit,” said Betty Kyallo.

Miva Noella clears air on claims of breaking Raburu’s marriage

This week, Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu was trending on Twitter with allegations that he had parted ways with his wife Maryaprude.

Kenyans On Twitter picked on Raburu as the topic of discussion after a number of gossip pages alleged that the media personality was no longer living together with his wife over cheating claims.

Word had it that the couple lived in separate houses because of a Ugandan lady, Raburu was accused of having an extramarital affair with.

Photos of a gorgeous lady began circulation among gossip pages that it was the lady in question, which #UhondoMtaani has learnt was not Ugandan, but Rwandese.

After several of her friends saw her trending, Miva Noella who is from Rwanda took to Instagram to say that she does not know who the said Willis Raburu is.

The Rwandese beauty said she saw the photos but didn’t see the need to come out clean until it was too much to handle.

“Hi everybody, I didn’t feel the need to reply to this lie, but I’m getting exhaustingly many DMs asking me about this and everyone deserves to know the truth. I want to let every Kenyan reading this that I don’t know the guy Twitter is portraying me to know. Thanks,” wrote Miva Noella.


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