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I aborted Twice-Wema Sepetu, Is Gospel singer getting auctioned? this week on #UhondoMtaani


I aborted Twice-Wema Sepetu, Is gospel singer getting auctioned? this week on #UhondoMtaani

#UhondoMtaani understands the torture you have been going through this month that has its own uniqueness. As the 72nd day of January comes to an end, we close it down with one of the most exciting round-ups of what has been happening in the corridors of entertainment.

Popular Gospel artiste getting auctioned?

The Kenyan Gospel music industry is one that is hurting. There is drama and many other things intertwined in it each day. That aside, #UhondoMtaani has learnt that a popular Gospel singer could face an auction anytime now.

The singer who is high flying and full of different projects from what his social media says is alleged to have failed to pay people he owes.


The Gospel musician has also been having trouble with the people he works with, a move that has seen almost everyone he has taken to work under his wings leave, for various reasons.

At the beginning of last year (2019) the singer’s Record label lost all the artistes that he had signed over a misunderstanding between his wife and the wife to one of the artistes he had signed.

Is it the woman that is causing all this issues? #UhondoMtaani lets you be the judge.

I aborted twice – Wema Sepetu


Bongo Movie actress Wema Sepetu has for the first time revealed that she aborted late actor Steven Kanumba’s pregnancies twice.

In a recent interview on her Wema App, the actress disclosed that the first abortion was an agreement between them (Wema and Kanumba) but the second one was done secretly without Kanumba’s knowledge.

Her explanation pointed out that she opted to have the abortions on grounds that she was still very young and not ready to be a mother.

Ms Sepetu’s revelations comes at a time she is struggling to conceive. She noted that Kanumba’s curse seems to be haunting her because she aborted his kids.

She added that before Kanumba’s death, he used to say that she would not be able to have children with any other man, because she aborted his.


The actress noted that she is slowly giving up on the quest to get kids, after several miscarriages and failed trials.

Has Vera Sidika broken up with Tanzanian bae?

Reports going around social media have said that socialite Vera Sidika’s relationship with her Tanzanian boyfriend could be on the rocks.

This came about after a number of Tanzanian gossip blogs made the claims. Some based their assumptions on the fact that the two have not been seen together for several weeks and they have not posted pictures of one another.


A spot check by Uhondo however, indicated that the two still have pictures and videos of one another that they had shared on their platforms before.

In an interesting turn of events, Dr Jimmy Chansa chose to respond to the claims stating that he had also heard it, just like the fan who asked about it on his comment section.

Nasikia umeachwa Kama kweli Rudi nyumbani warembo kibao alafu we HB msomi 🔥🔥🔥🏃🏃🏃😁😁,” said the fan.

@nephisejoandengenye namimi naskia pia😔” responded Chansa.

Vera has not talked about the issue.


#UhondoMtaani promises to keep you posted on any development that may come up.

Did Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy breakup?

Rumours had it for a longtime that singers Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy were dating. The two however, downplayed the reports each time a question arose on the same during media interviews. They both responded with a no comment most of the time.

#UhondoMtaani has been following closely on this development and from the look of things, the two might have parted ways over reasons we might not get to know anytime soon.


In an interview with Chris the Bass last year, Nadia was asked if the claims of their breakup were true but she refused commenting on the same with her usual 'No Comment' answer. She went on to sing a line in one of her songs saying that, “Yamemwagika hayazoleki.

This definitely meant that what had happened could not be reversed.

Fast forward to this year, Arrow Bwoy released a Gospel song from his latest album, a move that did not seem to settle well with Nadia.

She went on to post a picture on Insta-stories which she captioned stating that her exes had begun copying her work, referring to a few months back when she also released a Gospel tune thanking God for the far he had brought her.

Cheating doesn’t make you man enough, what would men lose if you just stuck with one woman? Anyways am glad the exes out here copying ‘career ideas’ I really am a good role model,” she said.


This insinuated that there was more that happened between the two artistes including cheating

Bahati gets Peter Blessing’s song deleted!

The fight between Gospel rising star Peter Blessing and his former boss seems to be nowhere near the end, after Bahati had the song deleted from YouTube.

This came amidst an ongoing court battle with the EMB boss Kevin Bahati.


The song titled “Why” was uploaded by the singer, but a few hours later, Bahati reported a copyright strike leading to it being pulled down.

In the song, Blessing was asking God to help sort out the challenges he is currently going through. He went on to mention the EMB boss as one of the people who have helped him get to where he is, despite no being in talking terms.

Bahati has been fighting Peter Blessing and former EMB producer Paulo after they decided to ditch the record label.

Sauti Sol signed under Universal Music Group


Kenyan Boy Band Sauti Sol has signed an exclusive recording agreement with Universal Music Africa (UMA), a division of Universal Music Group (UMG).

The agreement will give the band access to UMG’s global network around the world and will allow greater opportunities for the band to reach new audiences globally.

The deal with Universal, comes at a time Sauti Sol are preparing to drop their next Album titled Mid Night Train.

“It's official! Our first major label deal, @universalmusicgroup. Thank you guys for being patient. We really hope y'all are ready for the new album. 🔥 #MIDNIGHTRAIN 🌎🚀 @umgsa @africacreativeagency,” read the announcement.


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