Pastor Ng'ang'a goes international, Is Elodie Zone pregnant? Andrew Kibe halipi deni! And other entertainment stories this week


Pastor Ng'ang'a goes international, Is Elodie Zone pregnant? Andrew Kibe halipi deni! And other entertainment stories this week

It is another chilly Friday and as usual, #UhondoMtaani is here to warm up your day with the hottest of entertainment stories this week. Y’all know that American rapper Snoop Dogg made the trending chats in Nairobi right?!

Confirmed! Cate Actress is pregnant

The news of former Mother-in-law actress Catherine Kamau aka Celina expecting a child with her husband Phil first hit headlines a few months ago, but there was no proof.

She went on to say that it was just food! Yeah, typical celebrity answers. She then took a long break from social media which raised even more questions.

A few days ago, however, Celina and her husband took the internet by storm as they announced that they are pregnant in an exquisite photo-shoot.

An excited Mrs Karanja made the announcement via her Instagram, with exquisite photos, stating how grateful she is about the pregnancy.

“The cat or rather the baby is out of the bag ! We are over the moon , We really wanted to keep this to ourselves but then again I remembered the many women on my timeline, hopeful moms to be, rainbow mums , career women trying to decide between family and your goals . I feel you ,this is for you , Gods time is the best ! @phil_director hey daddy #BabyK

“I have always been the Helicopter Mom , 13 years later , God has given me another opportunity to raise another angel , I am humbled. I feel blessed , I don’t know how this experience is going to be , but am willing to let go, am no longer the paranoid mom , am officially a #DettolMum . We are protected #BabyK #GrowingupwithDettol

Uhondo Team sends its congratulations and wishes Phil and Cate the best as they wait for their bundle of joy.

Andrew Kibe halipi deni!

So, we have all heard about Kiss 100’s Andrew Kibe not paying debts! The confidence this man usually speaks with when he is bashing women out there, you would think he owes no one anything.

Just the other day he was arrested for refusing to pay a 7 years old loan because its money borrowed from a friend! Money he was supposed to return in 18 days and in his defense, he thought the guy was his friend. Truthfully, Pesa na Urafiki are two different things.

He went on to ask for lenience hata kama pesa ni mingi aje, brother Kibe! seven years is more than lenience!!!!!

Kuwa na deni si kitu kubwa lakini sasa akicome kunishika kwa stesheni sasa hio ni ungwana kweli? You guys let me tell you how petty some people can be, even before we’ve seen the judge, the story is already out. The whole story is out… anyway with that being said, I pray that you treat your friends with leniency coz ile mbio nimepelekwa my friend by somebody who I thought was my friend! Nimeoneshwa maneno so please treat your friends with leniency hata kama mtu ako na deni yako,” said Andrew Kibe.

#UhondoMtaani has a word of advice for the Morning Kiss presenter “Dawa ya deni ni kulipa”

Elodie Zone – I’m not pregnant

A few days ago Kenyan vlogger and ex-girlfriend to former President Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Elodie Zone was rumoured to be expectant.

As this may not be that big of a deal to you, the young vlogger commands quite a following on the social media streets and there are people following up on her very move just like #UhondoMtaani.

So, she came out to address the claims saying that she was not expecting a child.

Ms Zone quashed the rumour stating that photos of her protruding tummy that prompted people to conclude that she could be pregnant was as a result of her love for food.

“So people keep telling me that I look pregnant. This dear people is streetwise two from KFC, triple decker from Debonaires and we have some Steers in there, no Baby,” said Zone.

Despite her cancellation of the reports, Uhondo cannot confirm whether it is true she is pregnant or not and this is our reason; Most female celebrities have used the same terms as her (It's just food) whenever their fans suspected they were pregnant. What makes her different? You answer that!!

Nation FM set for a major comeback

For radio lovers this comes as a big boost especially those who have been left dry of entertainment from Nation Media Group’s Nation FM for years. The station is now making a comeback after about three years of majorly playing music to its listeners.

Details of the station's revival came after it was revealed that they have so far hire presenters for two shows. The first batch of presenters to be announced was Comedian Obinna and singer Anto Neosoul who will be co-hosting on a show that is likely to replace homerun one of the station’s most loved and listened to programmes before its closure.

The second team of presenters to be announced was the combination of Dr King’ori and Cate Rira who currently hosts the Lit360 show on NTV. These two will be hosts of breakfast show the Morning Fix.

The radio revolution will be televised!! #CateandKingori will be giving you the best and hottest breakfast show in Ke!!! Make sure you tune your cars ma3 airplanes tuktuks nduthis to 96.3!!!” wrote Ms Rira.

Uhondo understands that this is a good move, but will the station be able to rise to its former glory? Only time will give us an answer to this.

Pastor Nga’ng’a goes international

Neno Evangelism preacher Pastor James Ng’ang’a seems to have had a good week after American rapper Snoop Dogg shared one of his videos while he was ‘beating demons’ out of his congregants.

The video attracted more than a million comments forcing the rapper to pull it down from his page. We do not know why he did that but he could have panicked and with the kind of comments that dropped on his timeline some in Swahili, I could have done the same.

Later on, Ng’ang’a who could barely get his name right (Nasikia nimetembea na mtu anaitwa Simunif Dogg) responded to the video saying that he (Snoop) should leave him alone, and continue singing his worldly music.

Uhondo believes that the Neno Evangelism Bishop enjoys having viral videos of how he conducts his teachings and if that is the case then, this was definitely a big win for him.


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