Popular singer seriously ill, Alikiba divorced? and other stories making headlines this week


Popular singer seriously ill, Alikiba divorced? and other stories making headlines this week

Like we promised in our first piece of #UhondoMtaani, we once again bring you exclusive and some of the hottest entertainment stories making headlines this weeks.

Popular singer is unwell

One of the most sought after Kenyan artiste who has been missing in action for quite some time now is said to be seriously ill.

#UhondoMtaani has discovered that the singer’s not so common absence from the game has been necessitated because he is suffering from a chronic stomach disease.

This comes even as he has several shows lined up abroad in the next few days and we wish the singer a quick recovery.

Bad luck with women? Alikiba could be divorced

Tanzanian superstar Ali Saleh Kiba has been making headlines this whole week for the ‘wrong’ reasons.

The singer who got married barely a year ago is said to have parted ways with wife Amina Khalef who is also mother to his son Keyaan. It is however, hard to confirm whether this is true or not given that Alikiba is not used to having details of his private life on social media.

His brother Abdu Kiba is also said to have divorced his wife.

The Kiba brothers had their first weddings, two days apart and later on held a joint grand reception and white wedding in Dar es Salaam (two weeks later).

According to Muslim customs, one can divorce a wife by uttering the word ‘Talaka’ three times or by writing it down in a piece of paper.

Willy Paul is no longer a Gospel artiste

At the beginning of 2019, one of the resolutions that featured more was being bold and speaking the truth no matter how bitter it will be. Willy Paul has for long been associated with the Gospel music industry but that should now be a thing of the past.

A servant of the Lord should never hesitate to say he or she is one as soon as the question is raised but what we get from Bwana Pozze whenever the question comes is that he is a musician!! His recent song Nyonyo is also a clear indication that Willynyonyo belongs to the world.

Not to judge, but its time bwana mkunaji cuts the crap!

Socialite Pendo pregnant?

So, former Nairobi diaries actress and socialite Pendo could be expecting her first child. The socialite has not been posting pictures and videos of herself on social media of late.

A few days ago, she asked her fans to engage with her on Insta-story because she had some free time, promising to respond to anything being asked.

A number of fans went on congratulate her with claims that she is pregnant. One of them insisted that they saw her at a popular mall and she looked pregnant. The socialite refuted the pregnancy claims stating that her absence on social media has been promoted by busy working schedule.

Most celebrities have a habit of keeping their pregnancies a secret and only revealing much later or after they have given birth.

For Pendo’s case #UhondoMtaani will leave you with this, “Time will tell”

Which way for Mwalimu Rachel and Sailors?

After Wamlambez singers Sailors became internet sensations, NRG Radio’s Mwalimu Rachel decided to take them in and push their music as their official Manager. This was a boost to the group that was just starting out in the rigid Kenyan music industry.

Now that they have mastered the art of wining hearts of their fans, critics feel its time they are allowed to have their own YouTube channel where they can share their music. As per now they are still using Mwalimu Rachel’s channel.

Truth be told, this guys (Sailors) are just starting and letting them stand on their own may prove to be so hard. Another thing fans or Kenyans need to understand is trusting the process and stop judging by what they see as the end product.

If only they knew how much they all including Mwalimu Rachel have to put in for you to have songs like Prekejeng that you can dance to, you would understand why they still need Mwalimu Rachel.


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