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I’m not broke - Vera Sidika says as she reveals source of wealth

A huge Kitisuru mansion and a Range Rover are some of the things she owns.


Miss Vera Sidika recently defended herself against claims that she has gone broke. The claims were made by people who thought that because she had reverted to being dark, she had no money to maintain her lighter complexion.

“Some (people) claimed that I was broke so I couldn’t afford to maintain myself, I have businesses honey so I am good…It was a one-off thing (the skin lightening procedure) so people who are saying that I’m broke maybe think that I get to do this every day but it’s not the case,” she said on The Trend.


She also revealed her source of wealth as she not only owns a sprawling Kitisuru mansion but also a Range Rover.

Miss Sidika revealed that she gets her money from club appearances, her detox tea Veetox and the Vera Sidika Beauty Parlour, which has been running for a year now.

“Making club appearances is a side hustle, I also have Veetox and a beauty Parlour. Veetox is really big because I have no competition. Veetox gets sold out every other time and I don’t even push it as much because it markets itself through word of mouth. I sell it not only in Kenya but other parts of Africa. I have in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria and I’m getting into Ghana soon,” Vera said.

Breakdown of Vera's income


Her beauty parlour which is located at Western Heights, Westlands is a luxury salon that caters to affluent customers and celebrities. Some celebrities who have been spotted at the Parlour include Massawe Jappani, Pinky Ghelani and Sharon Mwangi.

Her detox tea goes for Ksh3, 000 shillings per packet while she charges around Ksh200,000 -600,000 for club appearances.

“When I’m in Kenya, my club appearance fee is different from Tanzania, Uganda or going to China or Malaysia or even the USA. Because when I travel to America to host an event I consider it’s like 25-hour flight, so that’s like a whole day wasted, then you just won’t just do the club appearance and leave you have to rest for like 3 days. International shows are more expensive. My international fee is from 6,000 dollars (Ksh600, 000) upwards, the promoter purchases a first class ticket and books me into a 5-star hotel. When it’s a show in East Africa I am a bit more flexible since it’s about an hour’s flight so I charge at least 3,000 dollars and locally in Nairobi I charge 2,000 dollars,” she told Clouds FM.


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