Here is why Vera Sidika ended her relationship with Tanzanian boyfriend Jimmy Chansa

It was toxic relatuionship!

Vera Sidika’s boyfriend responds to breakup reports

After months of break up speculations, Kenyan socialite and Beautypreneur Vera Sidika has disclosed the reason why she parted ways with her ex-boyfriend Jimmy Chansa.

Ms Vera revealed that the reason why she ended her relationship with jimmy is because the relationship was toxic and she couldn’t stay in a toxic relationship just to people impress people.

She went on to say that she will always put herself first rather than tolerate crap from a man just to show the rest of the world that she is in a relationship.

I walked out of my relationship coz I’m not gonna stay in a toxic one just into impress people like you. You can think whatever u like at the end of the day I’m the one who’ll face the Bullshit so I will eliminate what’s not good for me. If u like say whatever, strangers on the internet will never let me tolerate bullshit from a man just to show the world that I’m still in relationship. Hell nah. I will always put myself first. On God!!!” Said Vera.

Ms Sidika said this after a fan told her that she was the problem in her relationships and not any of her ex boyfriends.

We know u are the problem now.NOT THEM.HU!” read the fan’s comment.

This comes a few months after Rumours on Vera’s breakup with Chansa made rounds on social media after a number of Tanzanian gossip blogs made the claims. Some said that this was because the two who are fond of posting one another on Instagram had taken a while without doing so.

When the entrepreneur introduced Jimmy to the public last year, she cautioned critics waiting for break-up drama with her Tanzanian boyfriend, stating that it wouldn't happen anytime soon.

The socialite pointed out that just because her previous relationship ended with lots of drama, it didn’t mean her current one would follow suit.

The same people claiming they are waiting for break up drama are the same who said they are waiting for break up with Senegalese guy… but they never saw it. Just because it happened before doesn’t mean it’s a pattern. There’s reasons to why things happened that way, during that time and none of you all will ever understand. So keep waiting for break up drama that will never come," wrote Vera.


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