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Block this loser from your wall- Akothee tells her daughter

Akothee hapendi Ujinga!!

On Wednesday, Vesha who was recently appointed as a Director at Akothee Safaris, shared a photo while posing with her two sisters with a caption on how they were enjoying life.

"Three beautiful sisters having a good time....we love you mumy.." shared Vesha Okello


“Money is a good thing, money can make you look beautiful instead of ugly, money can make you younger instead of older, also can make you rude instead of polite, but money can’t buy you HEAVEN, it’s by the way” Son Pepe Kenya wrote.

Akothee's wrath

The comment attracted Akothee’s wrath ordering her daughter to block such negativity.

“@Son _Pepe _Kenya and being broke isn’t heaven itself. @Veshashaillan block this loser from your wall” advised Akothee.

Other social media users also joined the conversation with Roniance saying “ Hehehehe... This is jealousy of the highest order. Let people enjoy and flaunt their money in peace, they worked hard for it so they are allowed. Just as you are allowed to also flaunt your 'brokeness”.


“As you seat down and discuss that Akothee is one of the celebrities with the most ugliest Children, with many husbands, Don’t forget to give me Credit now… Note! She is the richest female artiste with the best body after popping five. Rich and Famous. You can just have all negatives at least a positive now. Isn’t Akothee rich and famous forget about beauty, it’s in the beholders eye? All I know is that am leaving a better life then you”  said Akothee.


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