We could not hear her heartbeat – Terence Creative’s wife on challenges she experienced with her pregnancy

It was tough-Milly Chebby

We could not hear her heartbeat – Terence Creative’s wife on challenges she experienced with her pregnancy

Instagram comedian Terence Creative’s wife Milly Chebby has revealed that she spotted (light bleeding) while she was three months pregnant with her daughter Milla Netai.

In a post she shared while celebrating her first birthday, Ms Chebby said she was rushed to the hospital by her colleagues, and her boss gave her a month to rest.

The mother of one noted that at seven months of the pregnancy, the baby’s heartbeat could not be heard and it got her worried having lost an earlier pregnancy.

Milly Chebby went on to narrate how just after two weeks of giving birth, they discovered that their daughter had a tumor attached to her liver.

At 3months pregnant while at work I spotted and thought I would loose you but thank God for good employer @mwalimchurchill my colleagues rushed me to hospital and by the guidance of my gyna the spotting was managed and my good boss gave me one month paid leave for bed rest, my pregnancy was tough I vomitted to the moment I was entering the theater for CS, at 7months clinic we could not hear her heart beat, my heart sunk but who is God after like 10 trials we got the heartbeat, at exactly 39 weeks 1st February 2019 at 9:30am @millanetai landed safely to planet earth at 2 weeks checkup , we discovered she has tumor in her tummy attached to her liver my heart sunk again, by the help of my gyna we got a good Surgeon who operated on @millanetai successfully. Today i write this with a heart full of gratitude, God has been their for us , he has come through for us at our darkest and i know he gat us for life, as our gift 🌈 baby milla as she turns one may she be blessed forever, may she receive unmeritted favour may grace be sufficient in her life, we have never lacked since we met her. Thank you God for all you've given us we dont take it for granted. Happy 1st Birthday @millanetai fruit of my womb,” wrote Chebby.

Walking with dead baby for 7 weeks

In 2019, Milly Chebby opened up on a miscarriage that saw her lose her baby at week 13 of pregnancy in 2017.

Milly and Terence revealed that after five years of dating they had decided to have a baby, but unfortunately the pregnancy did not make it to the last stage (delivery).

Milly stated that the pregnancy was normal until week five when she experienced unusual spotting. (Spotting- is a form of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy and normally happens during the first trimester).

In week 13 she experienced another spotting and after going for another checkup, the doctors said that the baby died at week seven and three days and she walked around with it for another seven weeks.

The couple was then advised to consider evacuation, to have the dead baby removed safely from her womb.


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