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I'll never disrespect myself by going naked on stage - Sanaipei Tande

Skimpy outfits are a no-no for the singer and Aziza actress.

Sanaipei Tande (Instagram)

Shimmery and glamorous leotards & bodysuits have become the de facto performance outfits for international artistes like Beyoncé and at home, these outfits are catching on.

A few months ago, Akothee wore one but was slammed for performing in it at the Paparemo Beach in Watamu.

Some went ahead and called her ‘immoral’ and claimed that she was a bad role model because of the combination of the leotard and provocative dance moves. But despite the backlash and her mother’s disapproval, Madam Boss is yet to drop the leg-baring leotards.


While some like Akothee are embracing leotards in their performances, Sanaipei Tande has said that she wouldn’t be caught dead in the thong-like contraption.

In an interview with the KM network, Sanaipei revealed that ‘no matter what happens, she’ll never disrespect herself by going naked on anybody’s stage.’ This is because she respects herself, she has a family that looks up to her and she cares about her culture. She opined that no matter how talented you are, at some point you have to take off your clothes, but she is not jumping on that bandwagon.

“I’ll take an example of Beyoncé, she has an amazing voice, she has an incredible work ethic, she is beautiful and she has the money but at some point in her career, she had to start taking off her clothes. What is this bodysuit thing that you have to wear on stage?” She asked.


Miss Tande also revealed that all her music goes through her parents and she wouldn’t want to disrespect them or her culture with scanty clothing.

 “All my music goes through my parents, even ‘Mfalme wa Mapenzi’, I played it for my mum but I told my dad that I have done a sex song but I would never play it for him because its against our culture. Out of respect, he told me that my music sounded amazing but he didn’t touch the content because we have a level of respect. So there is no way I would go on stage with a bodysuit thong looking thing because I want to get views. Like me for my lyrics, understand my music it’s very educative, it ends there,” she said.

Too hot for TV


Her declaration comes months after another singer was allegedly kicked out of a TV station for wearing biker shorts.

Jane Ikasi alias Mistony claimed that she was told to wrap herself in a kanga or leave the station and she chose the latter. This is because she felt humiliated.

“It felt extremely awful to be turned away by that TV station, yet other media houses received me well in those clothes. I respect my body. So, I wouldn’t expose it with an ulterior motive. I was well dressed, and I think it is time we start embracing modern culture. Above all, I am an artiste; and media houses should know better. I felt humiliated,” Mistony said on Hot 96 FM.

Grandpa CEO Refigah who had accompanied her to the interview wondered out loud when the station introduced a dress code. “There was a time we were at the TV station for an interview, and they did not mention anything to do with attire. So, why introduce a dress-code now?”


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