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Willis Raburu updates fans on his struggles after losing unborn child

I still cry, I still hurt each day!

Citizen TV's Willis Raburu who opened up about his struggles to get on screen

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu has opened up on his struggles after he and his wife Mary Prude, lost their unborn baby.

In a series of insta stories Mr Willis stated that he still hurts, gets flashbacks and even cries. He went ahead to state that he was not ashamed of that.

I still hurt each day, I still get flashbacks, i still cry, I still grieve and I do so privately but the effects and outlet are sometimes public and I’m not ashamed of it” Said Willis.


The 10 over 10 host revealed that he had to write and share how he felt because that was one of the ways he knew to deal with the pain and the emotional struggles he was going through. He added that if he didn't do that then he would sink into depression.

If I don’t then I close myself and I can sink deep into depression and angst can take over. I can get lost t sea and be delusional, for me writing is therapeutic” read another post.

Mr Raburu also said that people were allowed to go through pain differently because we are different and people don't handle pain the same way.

We are different and we must allow ourselves to go through pain differently and not point a finger because nobody holds a PHD in pain diagnosis or treatment when it comes to pain we self heal because we all know to do is that” said Willis.


The Hot 96 presenter said he would keep on writing and sharing because he had to embrace the pain as he tried to heal.

"So I’ll keep writing, I’ll keep sharing because we must embrace pain we must. We can wish it away, pray it away, hide it away shame it away communize it, we must go through it. Will I ever be the same? Never, but I will be that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m just trying to be.” Added Mr Raburu.

This comes a few days after the Radio host defended his wife after she stated that that God had failed to come through for her when she needed him the most.

In a post seen by, Raburu said that it was okay for someone to be themselves when in pain, because it was the only way one can heal. He went on to state that by doing so, it is the only true way that even he can heal from the pain he is enduring.


It’s ok to be you when you are in pain, I think that’s the only true way you will heal. The only true way I will heal!” read the 10 over 10 host’s post.


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