Kenyans harshly blast their new song

With the exception of Rebekah Dawn’s ‘Kutembea Nawe’ this year’s top Gospel songs have strangely been done by secular artistes.

Willy Paul and Size 8

Sauti Sol’s ‘Kuliko’ Jana and Nyashinski ’s ‘Mungu Pekee’ are just some of the best Gospel songs of 2016 .And naturally people expected that Willy Paula And Size 8 will ‘bring it’ with their collaboration 'Tiga Wana' which was aimed at the devil.

But Alas! This was not to be. They churned out something that was a confused blend of secular and gospel and Kenyans have been quick to trash this new song. Here are just a  few comments from Facebook and You Tube:

Cindy Bonita Ogana: Maybe it's coz I genuinely don't like Willy Paul but I think this song SUCKS HUMONGOUS LEMONS! How is this even considered gospel?!

Linda Ochanda: this is a gospel song? How do I unwatch this?

anndavid4: Holy ghost fire.....God is still watching.....mavazi ndio mwendo nowadays.......wah #Gospelmusic ???? ..Hata mama #wambo na #willypoze  mwina wanaa????????#saitani alie ndani yenu atige wanaa?

Annie Peters: Can't imagine I just waste my 3 minutes of my life to watch/ listen to holy crap.. what wrong with these Kenyans gospels musicians...this not gospel music R.I.P

Yusuf Juma: Hii ngoma hata itachezwa club hakuna Gospel hapo.

EarnestoMuziq: Willy Paul Tiga wana. Mama Wambo, unapelekana wapi na uyu mtu?? RIP Gospel!!

Kenneth Njoroge1 :Kansoul would kill this beat with NYONGWA style tiga wana weee

Sylvia kalunde: Just wondering mbona size 8 anaji introduce na attitude hivyo? ama ni kutishia shetani?

Benitez Msafi: I can see some images of pyramids,  inamaanisha nini kwa video hii!!  pyramids,  pyramids,  pyramids!  then Willy Paul amecopyy Diamond kila kitu!  je pyramids ni za nini??

Moses Kamau: I think I will create another google account so i can dislike this twice.

However there are those who seem to like this song and passionately defended it:

Docter Kinus1: >>if this song does not sound the way ud want it to then it’s not for you...

Mercy Masika/Gloria/Kambua have their listeners so as willy... take this song to Highschooler they will relate 1000%

So if its sounds off to you sorry wrong channel

>>and about dress code who really cares?Are you God?Is diamond satan?

>>RIP Gospel??because of this song?Stop being stupid! listen to something else who brought you to willys channel in the first place

>>Atleast willy and Mama wambo are doing something with their talents what are you doing with yours?

sonny ka wamahia: Tigai wanaa please...Instead of critisizing and waiting these people to bring you gospel just take  your bibles and read and you will definitely know the true gospel...Meanwhile am enjoying the dancing moves nimewacha wanaa pia.

Raphael Onyiego: Willy Paul is like Justin Beiber, You don't like him yet you listen to his tracks back to back. This one here is killer, we gotta agree on that


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