Being a second wife is not easy – Amber Ray confesses after her marriage to Politician

The hot socialite was accused of using Juju to get her man

Amber, who is married to politician and city Businessman Zaheer Jhanda, made the confession in a question and answer session on her Instagram account, after curious fans requested to know how her marriage as a second wife was fairing on.


She added that she is not in good terms with her co-wife Aaliyah Zaheer due to what she termed as sharing a man.

“Amber you are great, is it hard being a second wife? Do you have a good relationship with the first wife” a fan asked

Her response was “Very hard, sharing is not easy and for that we can never be friends”.


In 2016, Amber was accused of using Juju (Witchcraft) to keep her flamboyant husband who was at that time an aspiring MP for Nyaribari Chache.

Ms Makau was forced to show a marriage certificate as proof that she is the politician’s legal second wife.

Zaheer also explained that indeed he had married a second wife;

“I am a Muslim, I am allowed up to four wives. Of course like any other woman my first wife can’t willingly allow me to marry, but I have sat her down and explained to her the situation. She lacks nothing, she’s well taken care of. Marrying a second wife doesn’t mean am leaving my first wife who has been with me through thick and thin for the past 15 years and I love her so much. I have also sat down with my family and explained to them the situation and everybody knows faith is my legally married wife,” Jhanda

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